Styling Tips To Steal From Instagram: Outfits To Take You From Day To Night

A denim jacket, a bustier and a sheer shirt: here are a few things you need this summer to take you from daywear to evening


by Pandora Sykes |
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Outfits which work as well in the day as they do at night are enduringly difficult to nail. The amount of times we have looked over-dressed in the office and simultaneously under-dressed at a party, whilst all in the same outfit, is multiple.

So what did we do? We mined Instagram to find some easy wins for day to night dressing, during the summer months.

A denim jacket works wonder

DJs really come into their own during summer; in summer, they're a perennial staple regardless of how much they wax and wane in fashion the rest of the year. Supermodel Joan Smalls dresses up a denim jacket with a pastel blue leather zip skirt/dresses down a leather skirt and sheer tee with a denim jacket. See what we did there? Multi-functional, innit.



Try a bustier with boyfriend jeans

A black strapless bustier is super smart and very 'done', right? Well not with some faded boyfriend jeans and a belt casually knotted instead of done up, as shown by blogger Courtney Trop. With trainers, it's the antithesis of how a bustier should be, with some stilettosit's totally evening ready. Boooooom.



Take it all literally

Alexander Wang legitimised and glamorised pyjama dressing with his hugely popular SS14 collection. Channel blogger Rumi Neely and take it totally literally, with some boxer shorts and a mostly undone button-down shirt. Add some heels and the whole thing works for the day, night and bed.



Try a sheer shirt

Demure and racy at the same time, Suki's supercute sheer knot-waist blouson lends a peek of her black lace crop top. Pair with a full skirt and you can cover summer daywear and nighttime sassiness all at once.



Try some vintage denim with something fluffy

Ballet pumps are prim and proper with a midi skirt (a la Palermo) but work really nicely with vintage Levi's. Model Camille Rowe's jeans and flats combo are great for running around town, but a fluffy white jacket elevates it all to old school Hollywood. Wear a plain white tee underneath to keep it low key for day waer.



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