All The Stuff To Ask Your Mum For From Whistles This Christmas

'tis the season to ask for everything you want but can't afford

What To Ask For From Your Mum At Christmas

by Katie Evans |
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Last night I received a text from my mum, ‘what do you even want for Christmas?!’, a question I never thought I would have to be asked and one that she certainly needn’t ask twice. I remember when I was younger, circling my choices in the Argos catalogue in October, writing my letter to Santa, crossing my fingers and making a wish hoping they would end up under the tree. What has happened to me?! This year it seems things have changed. Does this mean I’m getting, dare I say it, old?

Maybe it’s just the fact that life got busy and more important things got in the way (yes, there is more to life than Christmas presents… or so they say). So this obviously got me thinking: what do I actually want? The older you get, the more you think about the things you really need, or the more expensive things you perhaps wouldn’t treat yourself to. One of my favourite shops – with it’s quintessentially British vibe – is Whistles. I dare you to walk into a Whistles and not create a wish list as you go. It’s impossible. A shop slightly too expensive to be shopping in on the regular, I thought this was the perfect place to create my Christmas list to send over to my mum.

Today I’m bringing you my picks from Whistles that will make the perfect Christmas prezzie, but could also be worn outside the Christmas period. There are some definite party outfits in there giving you some uhhhmazing inspiration for festive shindigs. But, equally, if you’ve got some amazing gear from Whistles on the go, you don’t want to be limited to just wearing it in December, do you?

1. The striped top


Let’s get this started with a personal favourite, bringing a Parisian twist to your Christmas wish list. An absolute staple piece in every wardrobe. Your mum simply cannot deny you of this basic necessity, everyone needs a stripe in their wardrobe for that relaxed, chic, laid back look. Whistles doing what they do best, bringing quality and effortless style to you. I know what you’re thinking, tight knitted skirts and Christmas are not friends. Well let’s work through this and remember, teamed with an oversized top, nobody needs to know what that skirt is hugging underneath. A similar version can be found here.

2. The knit combo

It’s all about the knitwear in this outfit; the human teddy bear. The most contemporary look and the least ‘party’ of the lot. This oversized, slouchy combo is perfect for Christmas evening when the Terry’s chocolate orange has run dry and you’re curled up in front of the fire after an overindulgent day. You could wear this dressed down with your Stan Smith’s or smartened up as seen here with some ankle boots taking the outfit from day to night

3. The ‘nice’ sequinned top

When this sequin beautycaught my eye I did a double take, followed by a little squeal of excitement. I then had to repeat to myself, ‘put your purse away, you are dangerous’. That was then my mantra as I continued browsing the store. I bloody love this outfit, you’ve got sequins giving a nice little nod to Christmas and you have comfort, it’s all about finding the perfect balance. I mean, this knitted skirtwill stretch to your advantage when Aunt Penny force feeds you 13 of her home-made mince pies.

4 The most useful dress in the world

OK, I think thisis one the mums will approve of. There’s something very sophisticated about it: a good length, not too low cut and a neutral print. It could be worn as workwear, casual-wear, or throw on a heel and you have yourself a going-out dress. The pattern is definitely the deciding factor for me, adding a point of interest to the outfit. There is something very autumnal about this dress with it’s soft silhouette and warm tone.

5. The lace tunic

I love like the smart casual look of this outfit. The knitted skirt keeping you warm with the figure hugging midi length and the lace tunic bringing a more glamorous feminine edge. The white lace has an air of Hollywood glamour, layer on that red lip and you’re good to go. I would be over the moon if this was waiting for me under the tree on Christmas morning.

6. The pricey-but-amazing cashmere jumper

Oh cashmere, I love you. The winter warmer, this uhhhhmazing cashmere jumperteamed with these wide leg cropped trousers is the perfect Christmas day outfit. Oozing that refined, polished vibe. Bringing comfort and style to the dining room table come December 25th. Yes, it’s a big old investment but if you’re looking for a special Christmas present this knit is the one. The asymmetric detail of this jumper is also right on trend and the fit of these trousers are super flattering and glamorous. If you’re struggling to convince your mum with the £180 price tag maybe bring out the sharing trick – ‘It would look great on you too, mum.’

7. The grown-up dress

Wrapping it up (sorry not sorry) with this beautiful floral print dress with the asymmetric hem detail, a super feminine and flattering shape. It’s what I would call a guaranteed ‘mum pleaser’: not too much leg, not too much cleavage and will make you look like a real-life grown-up. With it’s midi length, this is the perfect dress for this time of year, hiding away those pasty legs that haven’t seen the sun for a few months. Also the floral print will see you right through to the warmer Spring months, every mum loves a versatile investment piece, right?!

Let’s not forget about all the potential accessories you could pop on that Christmas list. After all, Whistles do* very* good clutch bag action:

The Verity backpack – the mother of all Christmas gifts.

The small shiny croc – at £45 this makes for the perfect stocking filler.

If she wasn’t sold on the £180 cashmere jumper maybe your mum will be more tempted with a cashmere accessory: the scarf. Perfect for those winter morning walks to work.

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