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This Strictly Come Dancing Revelation Will Change The Way You Watch The Show

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Call us dramatic, but we're not sure we'll ever watch Strictly in the same way again. Fashion, eh?

Strictly Come Dancing's costume designer (what a job) Vicky Gill has revealed something really weird about the outfits the men wear, and we don't quite know what to make of it.

The main reason we tune in each week (aside from all the dancing et al) is to see all the beautiful designs Gill has come up with that week, and this revelation has made us see the outfits in an entirely different light.

Speaking to Scott Mills on the series' official podcast, she revealed that the shirts and trousers the men wear on the show are usually sowed together - meaning they've unbeknownst to us been sporting one-pieces week on week.

She said: "Well on shirts and things like that we're always putting them onto pants so you step into a onesie which is always a bit of a surprise.

And Mills, who appeared on the show himself in 2014, added: "See I just didn't realise that they are really smart trousers, and a very smart shirt but you step into the trousers and pull the shirt around you like a onesie."

© REX/Shutterstock

Gill went on to discuss the biggest wardrobe malfunctions that have occurred over the past 14 years of the show, revealing that mishaps often go unnoticed by viewers.

"There's things like - I mean I shouldn’t really reveal things but you know, people have been on live with pins still in the hem and things like that, and then we've clocked it you know and the eyes go wild and you think 'oh my goodness there is pins in that person's hem.'"

Gill added: "You know there is little things along the way like that, that are happening constantly and on average there will be one person a week that maybe isn't feeling their costume or you know there's just a bit of an issue, but by the time we get to live on Saturday night we will have found a solution."

Strictly Come Dancing continues this Saturday at 6:30.