All The Top Street Style Moments From New York Fashion Week In Ace GIFs

Here's what happened when we enlisted the mad skills of Tumblr queen FASHGIF to animate the shit out of #NYFW street style... Artwork by FASHGIF

New York Fashion Week street style FASHGIF

by Anna Jay |

Our favourite Tumblr babe FASHGIF is back with us again, this time to get her giffy hands all over the best of street style at NYFW. Expect choo-choo clutches and a furry friends - we're having fun with serious style regulars.

Wild Thing

Preetma Singh, NYLON's Fashion Market Director, has got it all going for her; green hair, leopard coat, amazing little gremlin at her feet. God, we want to be her.

Steaming Hot Style

Who said fashion had to be serious? Not us, we're so in to this fun clutch. All the more so for the amazing steam coming from it.

Anything But Square

Plain dark coats can bore right off. We like things bold and bright, just like this cape of glory.

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Roll On, Roll Off

Anything red is a winner this season. And anything cargo, so Margret Zhang has smashed it. Obviously we're left wondering if we could do this at home with a roller and some red paint. Probably not.

Dotty About Fashion

You heard it here first - spots are the new stripe. Unless you're looking at the GIF above this one - in which case a red stripe can still be very cool too.

Knit Wit

Blogger extrodinaire Nicole Warne aka Gary Pepper Girl knows how to armour up against the NY cold.

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Artwork by Greta Larkins of FASHGIF

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans

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