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Stranger Things Halloween Costumes: Here's How To Dress Like Eleven, Barb, Nancy and Joyce

Stranger Thing's 3 might not be coming in time for Halloween, but the TV show still provides great halloween costume inspiration...

With season three of Stranger Things delayed until 2019 (boo) those of us mourning the former glory days of a Stranger Things halloween premiere are clawing at any and all possibilities to live vicariously through Eleven. That means Stranger Thing's Halloween costumes, neither sexy nor funny, they truly are the Switzerland of Halloween costumes. Not sure how to get the look? Here's a handy guide to dressing like Joyce, Nancy, Barb and/or Eleven...

How to get an Eleven from Stranger Thing Halloween Costume

Dress: ASOS, £35

Jacket: ASOS, £45

Wig: Angels, £5.99

Shoes & Socks: Alyss's own.

Eggo Box: Print this logo off four times and cover a box with it.

Nosebleed: Red lipstick. Rimmel Apocalips stays on all night. Use an oil based make-up remover to get it off.

How to get a Barb from Stranger Things Halloween Costume

Wig: Angels. Cut to size. £17.99

Jeans: BDG @ Urban Outfitters, £55

Blouse: Primark, £10

Glasses: ASOS, £10

Shoes: Jess's own

Notebooks: Stolen from work. Sorry work.

Nancy from Stranger Things Halloween Costume

Jacket: Primark, £13

Jumper: ASOS, £32

Shirt: ASOS, £22

Gloves & Gun: Londis

Shoes: Superga, £50

Joyce from Stranger Things Halloween Costume

Jacket: ASOS, £40

Top: ASOS, £10.50

Trousers: ASOS, £22

Lights: Amazon, £14.95