RIP: 9 Trends That Have Officially Died In 2018

Time of death? Spring Summer 18.

RIP: 9 Trends That Have Officially Died In 2018

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The fashion world is vicious, it’s a fickle beast that culls trends faster than our bank balance can keep up. Trends have a life-cycle, sometimes it’s a few months others are several years. It doesn’t take much to recall a time when Juicy and Uggs were deemed ‘out’ and yet, here we are, in spring 2018 looking at a world where both brands are back on top. Since we’ve reached the end of fashion month, now is the prime time to take stock of what’s ‘trendy’.

As they say, history repeats itself, so don’t do anything hasty as we’re willing to put money on that fact that these nine trends will rear their head again. For now, bury them in the back of your wardrobe and take a look at what’s ‘in’ for spring and what’s incoming for winter:


Debrief Trends That Died in 2018

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1. Tulle Overdresses

Sorry Molly Goddard but everyone from Giambattista Valli to Hennies has copied your charmingly girlish gowns. Really, it's a compliment. However, the sartorial gods (read: Chanel, Helmut Lang and Valentino) have moved the conversation along and updated the sheer trend with sticky, sweaty, steamy plastic.Replace with: Plastic

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2. Jackie O Sunglasses

The early 2000s look of sunglasses big enough to hide half your face is done, done, done. Blame the Hadid's and their stylist for the proliferation of micro sunnies on the SS18 runways. Put Matrix on your mood board because that's the look to aim for.Replace with: Mini frames

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3. Biker Leather

In punchy colours and preferably with big '80s shoulder pads, the blazer has replaced the biker jacket for spring. It's a lot lighter and more modern. As a side note, it's taken down all the biker-inspired trends with it, like exposed zip skirts and black leather LBDs.Replace with: Blazers

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4. Slogan Tees

Big buck brands like Gucci, Fendi and Balenciaga are shouting their names at us so loud that wishy-washy feminist slogan tops are being drowned out. Say 'no' this season to that top that puts peaches on your tits and makes a sassy comment about the patriarchy without donating to a women's lib charity.Replace with: Logo

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5. Ripped-Knee Jeans

Hands up if you've had enough of cold knees? Us too. It was a slow progression from frayed and ripped denim to the ubiquitous slashed-knee styles. Now we've reached peak knee reveal it's time to cover them up.

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6. Fishnet Jeans

These deeply impractical and often painful (if you've ever got a toe caught you'll know) tights, rose to the top of the 'trendy' pile so fast that their timely end comes as little surprise. When an affordable item, like this, burns so bright it's likely to catch on like wildfire and that sadly is the cause of its speedy demise. Take into account, we're heading into summer and really no-one wants to be faffing with hosiery in humidity.Replace with: Coloured Tights

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7. Real Fur

Finally, we can say 'buh-bye' to real fur stalking the runways. Instead, the facsimile of it was spotted at Gucci, Michael Kors and Balenciaga. Rejoice.

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8. The Cold Shoulder

The off-the-shoulder trend has had a good stint. From the Bardot top, it developed into dresses, jackets, sweaters and shirts, some were totally OTS others sufficed with a pair of cut-outs. The exhaustive mutation of this very specific look has meant it's been done to death. There is no more originality here. And, we're tired of weird tan-lines and chilly shoulders.Replace with: Oversized 80s Sleeves

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9. Millennial Pink

The fact that Smeg made a rose quartz range and Ivanka Trump has gone hard on the blush pink trend rang the death knell for MP. In its place comes every other type of pastel imaginable, but especially lilac. Why? Because Pantone said so.Replace with: Ultra Violet

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