Solange Got Married Yesterday. She Wore Several Capes, They All Looked Amazing

Could this be the coolest wedding ever? Beyonce thinks so.


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In what might be our favourite wedding news in a while, Solange got married over the weekend and, oh my, did she look spectacular. Solange’s new husband is her longtime boyfriend Alan Ferguson, 51, who’s a video director responsible for music videos for Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Janelle Monáe.

The two got married in New Orleans at the Marigny Opera House, a church that regularly holds concerts and supports the arts. Solange and Alan both arrived at the church on matching white bicycles, with Solange wearing a banging cream jumpsuit with a cape – which reminds us of the theory we drunkenly came up with once that no good woman should knowingly be without a cape.

Once inside, she changed into a long white dress, with ANOTHER cape and gold cuffs on her wrist.


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Her fiancé-now-husband looked dapper in a white suit and a jazzy pair of shoes with gold tips, while Solange’s ten-year-old son Daniel Julez sported a nifty pair of white trainers with his white suit. OBVIOUSLY Beyoncé was there, you guys.


This isn’t Kim and Kanye’s wedding after all.

Bey wore a beautiful white slip dress (the theme was white, there wasn’t just a whole bunch of people trying to upstage Solange) and the wedding pictures she’s posted this morning on her Instagram are something pretty special – everyone dressed in white and looking regal against the backdrop of the church’s crumbling walls.

Afterwards, the gang jumped on busses and headed into New Orleans’ French Quarter for a parade complete with sparklers.


For this parade, Solange had ANOTHER white jumpsuit up her sleeve, again, with attached cape. Because capes are boss, and Solange is too.

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