3 Ways To Wear Socks And Heels Without Looking Try-Hard

A street style trend that might actually work IRL

Ways To Wear Socks And Heels Without Looking Try-Hard

by Lucy Morris |
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Like apple pie and ice cream, or burger and fries, socks and heels are just better together. As someone prone to blisters my first foray into the combination was a life-changing experience. Fact. Not only did my feet look undyingly fashion-forward, but they averted the sores and made footwear once too summery for the season weather-appropriate. What more could you want? If the comfort factor alone isn’t persuading you, then read on for three ways of easily integrating this intimidating combination into your wardrobe immediately.

1. Back Of The Net

Have you ever wondered what the point of fishnet socks are? I have. But, now I see they are the perfect way of averting the cold while still appealing to the eyes.

2. Sheer Bliss

Dial up the romance with a diaphanous tulle sock under a wrap-around ghillie shoe.

3. The Low Down

Tap into the sportswear trend with tube socks that seem delightfully incongruous next to princess kitten heels.

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