Having Conquered Instagram, Sleeper Has Just Launched Its First Bridal Collection

It was responsible for the one of the most-photographed dresses of last summer. Now, Sleeper wants to dress the world's most stylish brides.

Sleeper wedding dresses

by Hannah Banks-Walker |

While Sleeper launched five years ago, it was 2019 in which it really exploded into a social media sensation. No Instagram feed was left untouched by the presence of one of its perfect linen dresses, realised in an array of pretty prints and colours, designed to fall perfectly off the shoulder. There were photogenic puff sleeves, seen on everyone from Hollywood stars (Dakota Fanning, Busy Philipps and Emma Roberts to name but three) to your friend who lives round the corner. They were everything one wanted in a summer dress – comfortable, stylish and easy to wear in a heatwave. It doesn't look like 2020 will be any less successful for the brand, either. The end of last year saw record sales of Sleeper's feather-trimmed pyjama sets, which canny shoppers wanted to wear as their new party outfit. And now, Sleeper has branched into bridal.

sleeper wedding dress

The collection is very much aimed at laid-back, modern brides. Sleeper has taken some of its best-selling pieces and reimagined them for a wedding context – the Atlanta dress, for example, is now realised in pearl white silk, while the aforementioned PJ set also comes in white with pale yellow trim.

sleeper bridal collection

The centrepiece of the collection, according to Sleeper, is the 90s-style slip dress with a cowl neck, beautiful in its simplicity, while another slip boasts pink fluffy straps.

Other pieces include a linen cape with ruffled collar (a personal favourite) and some ruffle-detail, long gloves for any brides who favour a touch of the dramatic.

sleeper wedding slip dress

The prices, too, will no doubt appeal to prospective brides. The most expensive dress is $470, which is around £360, which seems particularly impressive when you consider Sleeper's support of artisan manufacturing processes and traditions; each item is worked on by a dedicated professional who spends 6-8 hours crafting each piece.

Best of all, these aren't the sort of wedding dresses you'll buy, only to wear only once in your life. Each item can be repurposed for all sorts of events, giving you even more value for money.

Whether or not this bridal collection will enjoy the same success as the brand's mainline remains to be seen. But something tells me we'll all be seeing a number of Sleeper brides coming to an Instagram feed near us very soon.

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Sleeper's Bridal Collection

Atlanta Silk Dress, £322
1 of 7

Michelin Linen Dress in White, £246
2 of 7

Dress With Marabou Feather Trim, £223
3 of 7

Whitewing Linen Cape, £223
4 of 7

Party Pyjama Set, £246
5 of 7

Silk 90s Slip Dress, £360
6 of 7

Ruffle Gloves, £138
7 of 7

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