Skinny Scarves Are The New Must-Have, Here Are Six Ways To Style It

Forget that big blanket from last year, it's all about the skinny minnie scarf this season...


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Sometimes Instagram becomes a bit of a dictator about town, and sneaky mini-trends that weren't really on the catwalks start taking over our sub-conscious style. Like the skinny scarf - sounds simple, doesn't it? But it's not just a case of slinging one around your neck, duh, there are ways to wear this thing 'properly'. The skinny snakey scarf started out on the aw14 Prada runway (I mean aside from those retro references of seventies It girls who rocked theirs with a jumpsuit and a slick of blue mascara) but given that in actual winter you need an actual scarf, it's only now that summer is starting to feel vaguely possible that the skinny version is really having its moment.

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Take a look at how these insta-babes are wearing the skinny scarf, which we reckon has tip-toed up on us because of the 1970s influence on fashion right now. This could be the easiest way to disco-ify your outfits, ever.

Snake One Around Your Wrist


Man Repeller is at it again - doing her own tiny little stylish thing only for the world and his wife to end up copying her, and suddenly it's a thing. We love how the scarf wrapped around her wrist brings in a whole bucket load more colour into her minimalist outfit.

With Bare Shoulders


Missing your rollneck with any top that isn't one? Yep, us too. But wrap a skinny scraf round a few times and hey presto - you've got yourself some stylish neck coverage.

**Over A Roll Neck **


This might feel a bit granny-ish at first, but the key it to keep the roll neck fine, in a neutral colour, and use a small, very skinny scarf in a bright shade or abstract print. Make sure you stay away from large square scarves with a brooch shoved on top, and you and Aunty Agatha will look poles apart.

Tie Tight Around Your Neck


The tip here is to basically get rid of all of your scarf. Keep wrapping it around your neck (make sure it's a thin fabric or you will end up looking like you're wearing a neck brace) and tuck in the ends, Simples.

Do The Backlace


The necklace worn backwards has been trending for a while, and now scarves are following suit. Tie and twizzle.

Over A Strappy Number


It's somehow so much cooler to wear a skinny scarf over a strappy cami than a long dangly necklace. You immediately look less naked, and like you're dressed up, even though you're wearing virtually no more clothing than you were before. Pick a monochrome one and it will basically go over anything.

Spotted scarf, £6.99, H&M, leopard print scarf, £12, Topshop, floral print silk scarf, £95, Burberry, tuxedo scarf, £175, Saint Laurent, reversible scarf, £89, Paul Smith at Asos

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