Six Second Hacks: Four Ways To Deal With A Shitty Grown-Out Fringe

Your fringe has grown out and you look mad. Plus, you can't see. Here are four ways to look not mad, and be able to see.

Six Second Hacks: Four Ways To Deal With A Shitty Grown-Out Fringe

by Stevie Martin |

Fringes are great for the three minutes they're not in your eyes, and suddenly you catch sight of your reflection and it's all flopped over to one side. And it won't unflop, because when you try and get it in the centre it sits on your nose like an elf with a penchant for sitting on noses.

Between this moment and the moment you get pissed and think you can totally cut your own hair with nail scissors, you don't have to walk around looking like Shit Fringe Girl. I won't let you. Let's sort this out together with a couple of hilariously decorative hair clips, a brush and the courage that we can make our (hair) world a better place.

To make this tough time even better, I've named each tip as if it were a teenage magazine from our youth to reinforce nostalgia and, consequently, happiness.

**Fab fun with hairbands **

What you need: one of those stretchy material headbands that won't dig into the bit behind your ears and make you feel like your brain is exploding (sorry everyone)

What to do: Just have loads of fab fun! You can sport a sporty ponytail with a headband, you can push the headband forward a bit after pushing the fringe back to create a cool 90s-esque quiff (or is it 50s? It's something), have it on your hairline and channel retro tennis players or just put it round your face and twang it like a headband guitar. Then all the boys will fancy you.

Let's get clippy!!!!!!!

What you need: Some clippy clips! AKA clips. We got these from ASOS and while the pearl on them is way bigger than we thought they would be (oo-er) but actually this worked out really well.

What to do: Sweep that bastard (your fringe) to the side and oh my god stick those clips in like there's no tomorrow and if there was a tomorrow, it would require clips. Use multiple clips for multiple pleasure and I'll stop making this sound like sex now because it isn't. It's putting clips in some hair. WAYYOOO.

Baby got back (combing)

What you need: Shit loads of hair spray, a brush, some kirby grips that don't have big pearls on them.

What to do: Brush your fringe out and stick it to the sky, back comb the hair from the back rather than the front until it stands up on its own. Spritz with hair spray, and repeat on the sides of your head.

Slick operator <3

**What you need: **Gel. Flobbery slobbery gel that's sort of wet-look but not OTT, know what I mean? A fine toothed comb would be good, too.

What to do: Slick that bastard (again, the fringe) to one side, leave the rest of the hair non-gelled but you can use some texturiser on the crown (Or dry shampoo, if your hair is really greasy like mine was because I get all the boys) to volumise it, so I doesn't look like I'd been caught out in the rain. If you can back comb your crown a bit then do that, which involves doing what I did in the above vine but not your fringe. The hair coming out of your crown. ALso, I know I include a slicked-to-the-side look in pretty much every vine series (even lipstick! Jokes! Not really. I mean hair ones) but that's because it's so versatile and you immediately look like you work at Vogue. Also I am very much into volumised hair because I feel like I might have a tiny pea head and rugby playing shoulders, so this is really liberating for me. Let's all hold each other.

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