Singer Rosie Lowe Is Our New Style Hero. Here’s Seven Things She’s Taught Us About Fashion

This singer is all about seriously stylish shoes


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Rosie Lowe is one of those cool girls who looks like she doesn't even think about what she wears, but somehow her own style seeps through everything she throws on. Much like her music, she's got a soulful vibe to what she wears, with lots of her pieces being more about what they mean, or where they came from, than what brand is slapped onto the label in them.


We caught up with Rosie to ask her all about those quirky bits we've spotted her wearing, and asked her to let us in on her effortlessly stylish life.

Here are the cool things we found out...

Her Jewellery Is Therapeutic...


'I always feel naked without my rings, and I love very simple and understated gold jewellery,' says Rosie. 'My favourite piece is my Maria Black spinning monocle necklace that my boyfriend bought me last year. I spin it when I’m nervous!'

Rosie Couldn't Live Without Her **Ripped Pair Of Adidas Leggings **


'There isn’t one particular piece of clothing that I couldn't live without but there are some pieces that I really treasure; like a ripped pair of adidas leggings my mum wore when she was my age. They’re old and have 100 holes in them but they are the comfiest things in the world.'

She Has Two Wardrobes (A Girls After Our Own Heart)


'I have two rails in my flat; one for my day to day clothes & one for gigs - I like to have my clothes easily accessible as I am usually in a rush to leave the house. My wardrobe is very nautical and I always try to buy ethically. I love clothes that are clean-cut, timeless and can last forever.'

**She Loves Patti Smith **


'Calvin Klein is the show I get the most wardrobe inspo from, and I’m a big fan of Patti Smith too,' says Rosie. Now there's a dream team we hadn't ever thought of.

**For Parties She Always Wears Black, So Do Her Mates **


'For the last 12 years every time me & my best friends meet up we always arrive all in black…. We’ve never organise this but it always happens by chance!'

Her Best Buy Ever Is McQueen Tartan Creepers


'I bought a pair of Alexander McQueen tartan creepers a few years ago and I’ve worn them daily. They're one of the best things I’ve ever bought, because they’re so comfy & can be worn with anything.'

The Things She Cherishes The Most...

My grandma left me her pendant watch & I’ll keep it safe forever. I’d be heartbroken if I lost it…. I sample it ticking all the time; it's in lots of my songs.

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