6 Ways To Tie That Square Silk Scarf Your Nan Gave You

Take a cue from Instagram

Ways To Tie That Square Silk Scarf Your Nan Gave You

by Lucy Morris |
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It’s no secret that silk scarves are the power accessory of the moment. They’ve fought their way to the fore on the catwalks of Gucci and Vestments, staged a coup of fashion week’s street style set and now they’ve received Instagram approval from some of the most discerning influencers out there. And yet, when I look down at the square silk scarf my grandmother gave me I’m left flummoxed about how to tie the thing. I want to look like Kate Moss hanging out with The Rolling Stones, not like I work for at the local Clarins counter (not that there’s anything wrong with, but you know it’s not sartorial #goals).

For all its obvious flaws (being a crony of data-seller Facebook and generally making everyone’s mental health more fragile etc), Instagram offers unlimited fashion inspiration. Here are 6 ways to make humble kerchief become the glamorous element for any occasion...

1. Buckle Up

Lock and load this trend as a fancy belt for a pair of tailored slacks. Easy, practical and sophisticated, natch.

2. In The Words Of Destiny’s Child, ‘Can You Handle This?’

Bench your usual clip-on bag strap in favour of this silken upgrade for a pop of pattern and a luxe touch.

3. Channel Your Inner Little Eddie

Give your scarf the royal seal of approval and knot it under your chin. FYI fish, not a necessity.

4. Do The Double Twist

If your scarf has mileage try and wrap it around your neck twice and tie it with a firm knot at the neck. Play the layering game, like Haley has and tie yours over a turtleneck and sweater but under a military jacket.

5. Cap It Off

Coco Chanel may have famously said, ‘Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off’, but what she really meant was take one less accessory off your person and place it atop another. See, this hat is only improved with its handkerchief addition.

6. Back To Basics

Start by folding it into a rectangle then secure it at the back your neck with a broach. It’s a double whammy of granny chic, but heck is it a gracefully unfussy game changer when teamed with an open neck top.

This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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