Five Boho Noughties Sienna Looks We’d Totally Wear Today

Sienna Miller best boho looks

by Rebecca Cox |
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Praise the fashion lords – we have some beautiful new Sienna campaign images to drool over. And the 70s vibe got us thinking about the SiMi glory years. So we’ve dug out five boho outfits we’d totally wear today. Any excuse to delve into Sienna Miller’s fashion file, right?

The campaign launches 31st March (more details HERE), so while we wait, we thought we’d bring you a little more Sienna style inspo, in the shape of five vintage-Miller looks that (mostly) still work, 10 years on.

Sienna Miller best boho looks
Sienna Miller at a film screening, 29th June 2004 ©Rex Features

When: At a film screening, 29th June 2004

The look: Mis-matched floral prints, any-length-she-feels-like layers, knee-high suede boots and a floppy felt hat. Yep, we'd still like to find any of these 00s pieces stashed in our closet. Or, you know, Jude Law.

Sienna Miller best boho looks
Sienna Miller at the Layer Cake Premiere 23 Sept 2004 ©Rex Features

When: At the Layer Cake Premiere, 23th Sept 2004

The look: While we're not sure Sienna would get away with wearing jeans and cowboy boots to a premiere nowadays, we love the way boho Si always dressed down a pretty embellished dress with tough accessories and a splash of denim. The noughties can keep the oversized statement belts though. Nobody needs a cinched waist that badly.

Sienna Miller best boho looks
Sienna Miller out in London 12 July 2005 ©Rex Features

When: Out in London, 12th July 2005

The look: Flowing skirt, embroidered boho jacket, long swishy chain necklace. To make this look work for 2016 we'd swap the sandals for a ghillie flat or a block pump and the clunky designer bag for a lighter suede satchel on a strap.

Sienna Miller best boho looks
Sienna Miller at Heathrow 2 June 2006 ©Rex Features

When: At Heathrow airport, 2nd June 2006

The look: Pretty peasant blouse, worn-in jeans, undone biker boots. We'd wear this look from top to toe tomorrow.

Sienna Miller best boho looks
Sienna Miller in Notting Hill 29 Aug 2007 ©Rex Features

When: Out for a drink in Notting Hill, 29th Aug 2007

The look: Nothing says 'I'm boho and I know it' like a handkerchief dress and wearing actual flowers in your hair. Nine years may have passed since Sienna pulled this look together, but if she dug it out again for SS16, we wouldn't be mad at her.

So there we have it. Proof that boho style lives on. Toodles, we're off to watch Alfie, Factory Girl and Layer Cake on loop.

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