How To Shop USA Websites That Don’t Ship To The UK (Yet)

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How To Shop USA Websites That Don’t Ship To The UK (Yet)

by Lucy Morris |
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Look away if your shopping habit is already out of control, because will not help. With the full thrust of globalisation making access to the rest of the world possible with just a click of a button, it seems ridiculous that something like shipping and import duties should stand in the way of us buying American goods. But, sadly, for many small brands and US-centric exclusives, this is the case.

Enter, My US. Removing the barriers between online shopping of American stores and the rest of the world, the website provides users with an address in the United States. Once you have a postcode, the American retail spectrum is your oyster.

The website works on several levels, firstly it allows you to shop retailers that don’t ship to your country (think Glossier to the UK) . Secondly, it will help you consolidate your purchases so you receive one package, rather than a slow drip of boxes. Think: less waiting at home for the postman and trips back and forth from the delivery depot when you've missed the FedEx van. There’s the added benefit that 7% of what you spend is covered by a special tax-free status. Boom, what are you waiting for? Go, forth and Glossier.

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