Shit Model Management: The Hilarious Instagram Meme Account That Exposes Fashion Industry’s Flaws

A mystery model is exposing the industry's ugly truths, one meme at a time

Shit Model Management: The Hilarious Instagram Meme Account That Exposes Fashion Industry's Flaws

by Siobhan Lawless |
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London Fashion Week is practically on our doorstep. Can you just imagine a day in the life of one of its stars? Think of the glitz, the glamour! Or as Shit Model Management says, the total façade.

Shit Model Management was born the day one model was drained by the ‘unbelievably bullshit’ she endured on a daily basis, she set up an Instagram account calling the industry out. Besides being a much-needed place to vent her feelings and frustrations, she hoped it would entice fellow models to do likewise too.

Since it's launch a year ago, it's recently been gaining real momentum. Memes are witty, sharp, sarcastic, catty and pure Miranda Priestly. A total of 103k Instagrammers are lapping them up and we can see why:

1. I'm Laughing Off My Tears

2. Bills, Bills, Bills

3. Get In The Car Loser, We've Got A Casting

4. You're Torturing My Skin And My Soul

5. Making It Rain...

6. Leave Me To Rot In A Dark Room Please

7. On Second Thoughts

8. Run For Your Lives...

Jokes aside, its mystery founder wants to send out a far more serious message. In an interview with i-D she highlighted a worrying reality; model's poor treatment and disregard for their health is prioritising body image over mental health. This is something she is adamant to change. If exposing the industry's flaws in a tongue-in-cheek fashion will capture directors, designers and agents attention, she's going to carry on Instagramming away. The mystery model confessed, ‘It's got to the point where I am embarrassed to be a part of the fashion industry because their beauty standards are so out-dated. Until I see every race, gender, and size on the runway, I will not accept designers' definition of diversity.’

Can we second that? With hints of more interactive SMM features and merch in the pipeline, keep your eyes and ears peeled...

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