Are Sharks The New Pineapple? Here’s Five Reasons Why They’re Trending Right Now

Rihanna is on the cover of a magazine in the mouth of a shark, which hereby proves that 2015 is the 'year of the shark'


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Sharks have been hot topic in The Debrief HQ this week. Not because I'm jetting off to Aus in two weeks (and will probably get eaten by one) but because we (I) have decided that these fishy fiends are going to be a major motif in 2015...

Not following? OK, last year did you see pineapples on everything from phone cases to your boyfriend's pants? Watermelons and Swiss cheese plantseverywhere the year before that? And swallows and anchors back in 2008? Well then, this year prepare for 'The Year of the Shark' - here's why they are 100% a thing for 2015:

Hello Harper's Bazaar, March 2015

The new issue of Harper's Bazaar (US) features no other than RiRi draped in the jaws of a... Yep, you guessed it, a gigantic huge great white shark.


They Were Also The Stars Of The Super Bowl 2015

We can't not mention the amazing dancing sharks who swung around the stage at this year's Super Bowl with KP. They were basically the only bit we were actually interested in.

**It's The 40th Anniversary Of *Jaws *The Film


Ok, this film completely freaked us out when we watched it BUT we love the book - it's basically our essential holiday reading, because the cover is oh-so instagrammable and looks great with a hot red swimsuit. Though warning you might not want to go in the sea post.


This Stella McCartney iPhone Case*

This was probably the defining moment for us. As soon as it's a rubber phone case, it's a cult (we're looking at you Moschino). But Stella's gone way more chic with this pink number, perfect for not losing your phone when it goes swimming at the bottom of your bag. *Note: this does not make your phone waterproof.


Convinced you yet? Good. Now here's a run down of our favourite merch to get ahead of the pack.

T-Shirt, £182, Baja East; Sweatshirt, £28, Illustrated People at ASOS; Earrings, £10, Etsy; Sweatshirt, £350, Markus Lupfer at Harvey Nichols; Skirt, £114, Etsy; Dress, £99, Vinti Andrews

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