How To Sex Up Your Leather Jacket With A Super Simple DIY

No more boring biker jacket with these make do and mend tricks

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by Jenny Brownlees |
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A leather jacket hangs in most of our wardrobes, it's a staple ‘throw it on over anything’ piece. And that's great and all, but for SS 15, we gunna upgrade u.

Here's how to sex up your standard leather into something a bit more exciting...

1.Take your trusty leather friend, we used this jacket from ASOS

  1. Choose your fabric paint colour (most colours will work well, lighter colours will take a few coats to fully cover the black) We used this pearlescent copper paint from Hobbycraft.

  1. Open the jacket’s zips and lay out on a flat surface (covered with newspaper if you tend to be a messy crafter...)

  2. You want to cover the inside of each lapel with paint, as well as the inside neck collar. To get a crisp line and as not to paint the zip/metal fastenings we covered these with selotape.

  3. Add your first coat of fabric paint, try and keep your brush strokes in the same direction if possible.

  1. Allow to dry for about 30mins, and repeat twice for an even coverage. (Though we did like the paint stroked look with the black of the jacket just peeking through after our first coat, so you could leave it there for a rough and ready look.

  1. Once you’ve painted the last coat on, leave for a full four hours to completely dry. The paint is completely washable (result!) after 72 hours.

  2. Strut.


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