Seven Stylish People Who Prove That All You Need This Autumn Is A Perfect Grey Jumper

Think of it like your wardrobe's BFF


by Laura Silver |
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A lot has been said about how wonderful that bastion of easy yet elegant dressing the navy jumper is. But let’s take a second to show a little love to its home-girl, the grey jumper.

A charcoal knit is kind of like the edgier sister to classic navy jumpers and cardigans. The smudgy shade seems better adept to mix in with rebellious ripped denim, haphazard layers in a multitude of textures or biker-babe leather than preppier navy, which is more at home with a crisp shirt and jeans that cost a week’s wages.

And whilst we know you're more than capable of pulling out said grey jumper from your wardrobe and making an outfit already, there's nothing wrong with taking some inspiration from some street style folk of how they take this humble wardrobe addition and make it, well, anything but humble...

A carefree poke of white T-shirt and a leather jacket give this acid-wash sweatshirt extra attitude.


A smart shirt and grown-up-as-fuck bag lose all their stiff seriousness worn with this fluffy number.


Follow the colour-theme and go tonal with the rest of your outfit. Must. Not. Make. Fifty. Shades. Pun.


Let your grey jumper take a back seat and allow statement accessories like these OMG blue trainers sing.


Use the subtleness that is a grey jumper to pare wear directional guises such as tank-top slash jumper dress without looking totally batshit.


If a navy jumper says preppy then a shrunken grey school-sweater says naughtiest girl and the back of the class. And there’s that white T-shirt poking out again.


In an oversize, structured shape, silvery grey has those all-important space vibes that we’ll all be trying to channel next spring.


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