The Curious Mystery Of Selena Gomez’s Top

So…I’ve got a question about nipples

Selena Gomez Outfit Corset Top

by Lucy Morris |
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It all started when a brunette woman from Texas wore a red tracksuit and white strappy heels with round aviator sunglasses to the airport in 2016. As it turns out, it was the world-famous singer and actress Selena Gomez who has 130million Instagram followers, and she was wearing a Vetements trackie and Dior Sunnies. It was then that we knew Selena Gomez had adopted an entirely new sartorial personality.

While it’s little surprise that a year and a half on her style reinvention has gone the way of Sandy’s from Grease but, we’re just a little taken aback by how literal it is. At the annual Billboard Women in Music ceremony last night, where Gomez won the ‘Woman of the Year’ award, she wore an outfit that stopped us in our tracks.

Along with a pair of £4,825 slashed leather Versace trousers, she wore a black inverted bustier by the same Italian label. Styled by Kate Young, with pretty low-key hair by Marissa Marino, the head-to-toe runway ensemble looked hella hot on Selena. That said, we were left with just a few questions we wouldn't mind having answers to...

Selena Gomez Outfit Corset Top

A. Where are Selena’s nipples?

B. Have the twins been taped down?

C. Have they been tucked in somehow?

D. How comes you she wasn't photographed tugging it up? Or are we the only ones that struggle with strapless tops?

E. Is this the tangible birthing of Dominatrix going out-out wear?

F. Do those trousers get breezy?

G. Can you tan through them?

H. Did Gok Wan give you that belt?

(Just asking for a friend).

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