Sarah Jessica Parker’s 90s Red Carpet Looks Were Abso-F***ing-Lutely Incredible

We began to wonder what Sarah Jessica's wardrobe was like before Sex And The City, and weren't afraid to ask (Google)

Sarah Jessica Parker's 90s Red Carpet Looks Were Lit

by Jennifer Lynn |
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Sex And The City may not have hit our screens until 1998, but before there was Carrie Bradshaw, there was Sarah Jessica Parker fulfilling all our sartorial fantasies. Thanks to roles in Square Pegs, Footloose and Girls Just Want To Have Fun in the 80s, by the time the 90s rolled around, SJP was a regular fixture at events around Hollywood and had red carpet style nailed… for the most part.

Check out 13 of her most memorable looks below and you'll see exactly where Ms Bradshaw – and the SATC costume designers – got their inspiration from.

1. Princess Jasmine, is that you?

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For the 1991 premiere of For The Boys, SJ went all out in this jazzy jacket and harem pants, a whole year before Disney’s Aladdin was even released. Trend. Setter.

2. Nope, It’s Only Courtney Love

At a 1994 hand-printing ceremony (so Hollywood) for the cast of Ed Wood, SJP did grunge, and she did it well.

3. An Early Audition For The Role Of Buffy

Maybe a little too early, though, since this crucifix debuted at the Honeymoon In Vegas premiere in 1992 and Sarah Michelle Gellar became the Slayer in 1997. Sarah Jessica, Sarah Michelle… easy mistake to make.

4. Even SJP Had Sausage Legs Once

We can only assume it was chilly at the 1991 People’s Choice Awards and that’s why Sarah Jessica borrowed her nan’s scarf and tights. We’ve all been there, love – cute bag though!

5. 1994 Never Looked So Good

The Hair! The Dress! The Boots! There was a time when Sarah Jessica wore flats and we might love it even more than the Manolo era.

6. That Awkward Moment When You Played The Mistress In The Movie And Don’t Want To Look Like Her IRL

For The First Wives Club premiere in 1996, SJ couldn’t have looked more different from her awful character, Shelly Stewart. Probs a good thing.

7. SJP Didn’t Always Wear Flaming Headdresses To The Met Gala

In fact, at her first Met Gala in 1995, she looked super demure in this black velvet number. Yes, we’ll take a wine, thanks.

8. #FreeTheNipple

SJP already did at a 1994 Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) benefit.

9. That Might Look Like A Dress, But This Is SJP, So Obviously It’s A Jumpsuit

Always going against the grain, SJ rocked this white jumpsuit to the 2nd annual MTV Movie Awards, back in 1993. Hocus Pocus came out that year and yet it was not nominated – the shame.

10. Everyone Looked Like Baby Spice In 1997, Didn’t They?

Not that we’re complaining. If anyone can pull off a tiny white slip dress and that hair, it’s SJP. The VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards should really make a comeback.

11. Except Melinda Messenger. She was a journalist in 1997.

Actually, she was a glamour model and Rear Of The Year, but clearly VH1 had other ideas for her. Looks like she and SJP got on swimmingly, anyway.

12. Carrie Bradshaw Has Arrived

How to get everyone talking about your sexy new TV show? Go to the 1998 premiere of Godzilla wearing nothing but sequins. Bring your husband if you must. Just look like your TV character and talk about your TV character and the next six years will be a piece of cake.

13. She Knows Good Sex*

*And this outfit from the 1999 CFDA Awards is sex on legs. Note the orgasmic facial expression. SJP 4eva.

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