Here’s How To Wear Your Sports Socks In A Non Sweaty, More Stylish Way

We take some stuff you already own and add it to other stuff you already own, so you can wear it this weekend

Here's How To Wear Your Sports Socks In A Non Sweaty, More Stylish Way

by Charlie Byrne |

We told you all about how fashion peeps are now wearing their sports bras as actual things to wear in the street, right? Well that's not the only piece of gym kit you're going to want to be digging out of your manky rucksack so that you're on trend this spring. The humble sports sock (or tube sock, if you're partial to American lingo) should be a key accessory for you right now. In fact you can build your whole damn outfit around it.


Here's how.

Find your socks, wash them, and if they've gone a bit grey and gross, buy these new ones from American Apparel that come in a zillion choices of coloured stripes. Go for black if you're looking for an androgynous vibe, but it could be fun to pick a way-out there mega bright shade too. Dare you.


Socks, £8, American Apparel

You need to wear the socks pulled up so that they stretch up your calf, but use your judgement here people - we're not looking to warm your knees.

Now you need to find a pair of baggy trousers that you own, like a pair of culottes, or those cropped flares that you bought and have never known what the hell to wear with them. You can get the same effect with a dark midi skirt too.

Pop a long white shirt over the top - the long bit is crucial - as you want this to hang down below the sweathshirt you're going to wear as your top layer. For once you won't have to fight with the bottom of that long shirt you've got and stuff it down your trousers.

Add your all white trainers to the equation, and brighten the whole thing up with a swipe of bright pink lipstick.

Missing some bits? Here's your shopping list.


Sweatshirt, £5.99, H&M, shirt, £42, Topshop, trainers, £55, Puma, culottes, £39.99, Mango, lipstick, £8, Topshop

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