Here’s Straight-Talking Menswear Designer Christopher Shannon On Dressing London’s Sharpest Men

He talks money - and tracksuits


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Christopher Shannonis the down to earth Liverpudlian menswear designer who has everyone from Drake to Neneh Cherry buzzing about his clothes. And the man who's probably responsible for every bloke you know wanting/wearing sportswear.

Each season he adds a new twist to mens fashion design and this is something which has not gone unnoticed - he was just awarded the first ever GQ menswear award for his efforts. So we caught up with Shannon to chat about his current inspo and his future dreams.


The Debrief: Who is the boy you designed for this season?

Christopher Shannon: He was a reference picture I'd had for ages, I'm not sure who it's by or where I got it in the first place. It's a photocopy thats been hanging round for ages. He’s in a oversized T-shirt with this amazing bowl cut over his face. I'd love to know who shot it.

DB: Tell us a surprising piece of inspiration which was used in your last show...

CS: There were lots of images of the Red Hot Chili Peppers that really felt like the mood.

DB: What's changed for Christopher Shannon in the last season?

CS: We won the first ever GQ Menswear fund, which has made a massive difference. It means I have more staff and we can start the online store ASAP - all nice things.

DB: What else nice?

CS: £££££££££££££££££££££££. And a holiday.

DB: If you could win anything else what would it be?

CS: I'm not so into awards, I am a fan of a cash prize though.

DB: Do you still have the same dreams as when you started?

CS: I've never really had a dream, I just sort of get on with it! I'm not sure what else I would do. Like a lot of people I'm just aiming to make a living doing something that makes you want to go to work in the morning.

DB: Tell us something you haven't done yet, which you would love to do.

CS: Direct a music video. Or finally spend some time on our first book project.

**DB: You're from Liverpool. How do you feel being northern effected your experience in the fashion industry? **

CS: Oh I dont give it any thought these days. If it did have a negative effect it's not really held me back has it? There are so many other more interesting things to think about.

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