It’s September! So That Means It’s Totally OK To Buy Back To School Style Shoes

Because September will forever remind us of fluffy pencil cases and shiny new shoes Photographs by Connor Sheenan


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So you left school more years ago than you can admit, but that doesn't mean that you'll ever lose that 'back to school' feeling come the start of September. Where once those stomach somersaults were down to panic overt whether or not you had the right compass, furry pencil case and name-taped knickers, that very same feeling is now evoked by the sadness that your summer holiday is actually over (it only took 8 months of saving up: cool), your depression over putting away the denim cut-offs and resurrecting the gigantic knitwear and conversely, a slight excitement about the new season clothes that begin to drop.

And with this season, The Big Ole AW14, 'back to school' is more on the brain than ever before. Because these shoes couldn't really be any schoolier than if they were an actual pair of Kickers. Not only is 90s clodhopper emporium Shelly's now back on London's Oxford Street, but all those shoes you loved as a kid, or in your early teens - DM lace-ups, chunky loafers, creepers and platform mules - are all back in fashion. Fuck Clarks, it was all about these shoes.

Doesn't mean you always got them, though, does it? The biggest advantage of this trend is that these are all the kind of shoes that you probably weren't actually allowed to wear at school; that only the cool kids with super-chilled mothers let them wear. Kickers you just about got away with; but platforms? Not on your nelly (Shelly). So here's your chance to catch up. Fluffy pencil case, at the ready.

Our favourites? Those Bugsy Malone Claudie Pierlots and Topshop's DM-alikes (for half the price.)


Back To School Shoes

Reworked DMs1 of 17

Reworked DMs

Tahan 3-Eye Shoe, £109.99 Dr. Martens

Tassel Time2 of 17

Tassel Time

Tassel Leather Flats, £95 & Other Stories

Bugsy Malone3 of 17

Bugsy Malone

Alberto Shoes, £315 Claudie Pierlot

The Classics4 of 17

The Classics

Fashion School5 of 17

Fashion School

Leather Slip-On Loafers, £425 Christopher Kane

Side Bar6 of 17

Side Bar

Your Regular Guy7 of 17

Your Regular Guy

Leather Moccasin, £49.99 Zara

c8 of 17


Platform Oxford Shoes, £59.99 Mango

Mega Creepers9 of 17

Mega Creepers

Traditional Creeper10 of 17

Traditional Creeper

Chunky Monk(y)11 of 17

Chunky Monk(y)

Platform Monk-Strap Shoes, £59.99 Mango

90s Holler Back12 of 17

90s Holler Back

Mary Jane13 of 17

Mary Jane

Patent Penny Loafers14 of 17

Patent Penny Loafers

Platform Patent Loafers, £59.99 Mango

Don't Mess With Me15 of 17

Don't Mess With Me

Get Zippy16 of 17

Get Zippy

Basulto Flats, £80 Shellys

Conceptual Cut-Outs17 of 17

Conceptual Cut-Outs

Stylist: Pandora Sykes

Creative Direction: Anna Jay

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