It’s Ok To Carry Around Flat Shoes. And Other High Heel Wearing Tips From The Ace Designer Sophia Webster

The woman we're calling the Queen Of Fun Heels!


by Louby McLoughlin |
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You may as well call Sophia Webster the 'Queen of Fun Heels'. We've long-loved Sophia's kitsch, quirky and colourful shoes – never more so than when we saw her collection at this year's London Fashion Week, as it was inspired by (wait for it) Beverley Hills Bratz caught up in a Heartbreak Hotel. Genius, right?

The BFA-honored accessory designer, who began by catching the eye of renowned luxury footwear king Nicolas Kirkwood while she was still a student, has captured the eye and hearts of every fashion-conscious girl worldwide. So we caught up with the legend herself for a chat on how she comes up with such fun creations, her highly-anticipated new collaboration with J Crew (in stores in May) and how to wear high heels with zero pain.


The Debrief: Who is the woman you think about when you are designing?

Sophia Webster: She has an opinion, is spirited and is not scared to embrace colour.

DB: Your shoes are so fun and funny! Do you have fun designing them?

SW: I have always loved drawing, so I feel like I'm not working while I'm designing,which is great. We work in a very organic way, so ideas seem to evolve more than be produced. The Heartbreak Hotel was a take on the modern-day fairy tale. I love the idea of a fairy-tale princess, but with an edge, something to say beyond the sweet children's story. I guess this relates to the Speech Bubble collections too.

DB: Talk us through your favourite pairs and why?

SW: My Riko's were conceived while I was studying and I came across a tribal print that I fell in love with – this is now an iconic shoe for the brand. I take inspiration from day-to-day life, whether it be nature, street art or the world around me in general. I love flamingos, so these are a reoccurring theme – my Coco pumps have a flamingo mold on the heel.

DB: You've just done a collection for J Crew – do you think it's important to get your shoes out to a more accessible market?

SW: It was really interesting and insightful to see how J Crew planned the range for a more mainstream market. I think my shoes are accessible, but it was great to work with the J Crew team and use colours and prints that are out of my comfort zone.

DB: A lot of people might be scared of going too girlie – what would you say to them?

SW: I just do me and try and translate my world – which happens to be very girly! I would just encourage girls to express themselves, whether it be girly or boyish. Most importantly, my advice would be to have fun with fashion.


DB: What's your go-to pair of shoes to feel shit hot?

SW: High shoes definitely make you feel elegant – my Phobe sandals are powerful shoes.

DB: Go on then, tell us the secret to walking in high heels all day long? With no pain?

SW: Wear my shoes. They are so comfy! Honestly, I think there are so many fashion options in mid-heights at the moment that maybe it's not necessary if you are on your feet all day.

DB: So you've never had a shoe-shame story?!

SW: There has been many a time when I have gone out with my friends and worn pumps on the train and changed my shoes before going into the club...

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