It’s Kate Moss’s Birthday! To Celebrate, Here Are Lots Of Pictures Of Her Being Excellent At Fancy Dress

Ermahgerd, the queen of crazy partay dressing turns 41 today...


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Happy birthday Miss Moss! The supermodel of the century is celebrating her 41st birthday today and no one knows how to throw a party quite like Kate - her fancy dress outfits are always the bomb. Here's a few of the best for your perusal...


Kate Moss Fancy Dress

Cowboy Kate1 of 8

Cowboy Kate

When we do Western fancy dress, we think check shirts, red neck scarf- the whole chaps and slacks looks. Kate Moss? She rocks double denim, a slashed crop top, a straw hat and goes make up free. Hangs head in shame and puts the fake gun away

Move over Rihanna2 of 8

Move over Rihanna

Kate Moss was doing the whole 'lingerie under sheer fabric' way before the Rita Oras and Rihanna's of the world were doing it. The model could wear this look on the red carpet and it would still be fashionable- obviously with the top hat, duh.

Kappa-clad Kate3 of 8

Kappa-clad Kate

Croydon facelift: check. Pink scrunch: Check. White trainers: Double Check. Take note all you hipsters. When Kate Moss played Vicky Pollard's twin-sister, Katie, for Comic Relief, little did she know she'd be inspiring a generation of hipster wannabes.

The Moss Family4 of 8

The Moss Family

Kate doesn't just 'do' fancy dress. Her and her husband, Jamie Smith, went as the Addams Family duo to one fancy dress party with Kate wearing a fur lined black coat, pointy heels and white makeup that extends her cheek bones even more than we thought possible. Pass me the white face paint!

Pat Butcher?5 of 8

Pat Butcher?

If Pat Butcher isn't one of your style icons, then re-think your life. Kate obviously has her life in check, rocking a Dynasty-esque outfit to a 1980s fancy dress party that just screams 'I belong in Studio 54'.

Gatsby girl6 of 8

Gatsby girl

Upstaging the Queen of Pop on her birthday is unthinkable for most- but not Kate Moss. (Sorry Madonna, you got owned at your own party. Awkward...) For this birthday bash, Kate donned a black flapper dress, fishnets and a sexy 1920s hat.

Cara who?7 of 8

Cara who?

They might have been pouting under a Burberry mac while a man in a studio poured fake rain over them in their latest campaign, but this fancy dress outfit proves that Kate and Cara love to have a laugh. Imagine if Kate Moss dressed up as you for Halloween? You'd be loving life. (On a side not: that must have been the comfiest outfit ever)

Where is she?8 of 8

Where is she?

Under all that taffeta, black wigs (there must be like 5 in there, surely?), white makeup and fishnets... is Kate Moss! Somehow the model still looks incredible as a Day Of The Dead zombie. By this point in the night, we'd have already got the hairbrush wedged into our hair mid back-combing. We salute you, Kate.

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