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Even if you count yourself as a bit of a pro when it comes to scouring out the best vintage, you have to admit it’s a bit time-consuming, and there’s no greater risk of a shopping-trip punch-up than when two women spot a straight-outta-1993 Calvin Klein slip dress at the same time.

You’ll be pleased to know then, that The Vintage Scene, an online boutique on both ASOS Marketplace and eBay, has rounded up the finest fashion from the era when Kurt and Courtney were king and queen, so you can sail through a genuine 90s vintage spree with as much ease as finding a copied Kelly Kapowski crop-top on the high street.

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‘I love that 90s fashion has so many different elements to it,’ Shannon, who runs the store, told The Debrief. ‘One day you can be grunged up with tattoo chokers, flannel shirts and band tees, and the next you can be floating around in a bohemian floral maxi dress looking like Drew Barrymore.’

The floral dresses, logo T-shirts, washed-out denim and much more that they stock might have come straight from an IRL Angela Chase’s wardrobe (haven’t seen My So Called Life? Get thee to Netflix!), but The Vintage Scene girls know exactly which bits are most relevant to what you’ll want to wear now. ‘We always tend to look towards street style when we buy vintage,’ Shannon tells us.

‘We buy our stock in large quantities and then sort the good from the darn right ugly and only sell the brightest and the best to help our customers stay unique,’ Shannon says. Which means you can rest assured that if there’s a gem out there, The Vintage Scene will have found it.

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Which key 90s pieces should you be looking for on a scroll through The Vintage Scene, then? ‘Checked flannel shirts are a key staple to the era – and you can throw them over crop-tops, floral dresses and team them with Dr Martens for an easy soft grunge look,’ says Shannon. ‘Or you can go the other way and style it up Fresh Prince style with patterned cycling shorts and a trashy bomber jacket.’

For Shannon, the holy grail when it comes to 90s fashion is Moschino, original and brand new. ‘I’m currently coveting the 90s Moschino smiley face bag.’

Here are the coolest finds on The Vintage Scene right now, selected for us by Shannon herself. Now all you need to decide is whether you’re more in the mood to channel Cher Horowitz, or *Reality Bites *era Winona.

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Vintage Pink Pansy Patterened Floral Culottes, £18; Floral Patterned Tapestry Waistcoat, £14; Oversize Crazy Pattern Silk Shirt £18.50; 90s Floral Pattern Silk Bomber Jacket £16.50; 90s Floral Patterned Ditsy Jumpsuit £24.

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