Here’s Everything You Need To Get Your Own Miss World Face

Miss South Africa took the Miss World crown yesterday, here's how to look just as glossy


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Miss World 2014 was crowned in London yesterday: meet Rolene Strauss, formerly Miss South Africa. At just 22 years old, this South African babe is a medical student, bilingual in English and Afrikaans, and will spend the next year travelling the world working with charities to do good stuff while looking ridiculously beautiful.

The competition entailed three weeks of various trials, from a debate at the Oxford Union to 'Beach Fashion' modelling (an update on the old school, straight-to-the-point 'swimwear' round) as well as a 'Beauty With A Purpose' challenge. No idea what that is, and all in all the competition doesn't sound like how we would fancy spending three weeks, but we reckon whatever floats your boat is cool, and hats off to her.

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But while we were looking at the hopeful finalists who didn't quite bag the crown, including Miss England (woohoo!) we realised that there's a bit of a trend where Miss Worlds are concerned - they all have the same polished beauty look and actually look freakishly similar. Which got us to thinking - what would we need to shove into our beauty bags to recreate that very same Miss World look? We've had a stab at it for you...

A Natural Fake Tan


Fake tan mousse, £33, St Tropez

You're aiming to get a kind of 'all the goodness in me makes me glow' kinda hue. Don't go overboard - Miss Worlds aren't trashy - and make sure you use plenty of moisturiser to avoid streaks. You will not win a crown if you are streaky.

A Rose-bud hued Lipstick


Lipstick, £22, Lipstick Queen

Your lips should look like your natural lip colour, only a little deeper, so they look a bit flushed. Part of that whole 'almost too good to be true but actually I am real' effect. Lipstick Queen's lipsticks are the best because they're lightweight but don't fade after an hour, seeing you through your swimsuit competition right until your ballgown round.

Lipgloss, Yes We Said Lipgloss


Lipgloss, £7.99, Maybelline

We wondered who still wears lipgloss - turns out it's Miss World competitors. Dab over your lipstick to add a shiny sheen to your smackers, and make sure your teeth are as white as possible for you to nail that sunbeam smile.

**An Illuminiser To Make You Gleam **


Celestial powder, £35, Kevyn Aucoin

It's fitting that the name of this powder is 'Celestial' as that's exactly the look you're aiming for. You don't want you skin to be shiny, but you do want it to emit a slight radiance that suggests you're just a bit heavenly. Dust over your nose and cheekbones for the right amount of shimmer.

A Killer Smokey Eye


Eyeshadow shimmer sticks, £29.50

No matter how much crying you do, these shimmer shadows simply do not budge. They go on creamy, meaning you can apply them yourself without a crack team of make up artists, but once you've blended them about, they stick put. Brilliant. Layer up the shades to achieve the classic beauty pageant smokey eye - darker at the outer corner and into the socket, keeping a paler colour on the brow bone.

False Eyelashes Worthy Of Cheryl


False lashes, £5.49, Eylure

We reckon Cheryl would make a pretty good beauty queen - she's got the bountiful hair, chiselled cheekbones and most importantly - eyelashes that could start hurricanes. If yours aren't as naturally luscious, whack on a pair of Cheryl's very own falsies.

**Disney Princess-esque Eyeliner **


Eyeliner, £18.50, Benefit

This eyeliner has won so many awards we've lost count. The pointed, slightly bendy rubber top allows you to get right in there with your fine line, before you sweep out to a gentle flick. Think Princess Jasmine, and you will nail it.

Mascara To Give You Whopping Lashes


Mascara, £4.99, Barry M

Thought false lashes would be enough? You thought wrong. A layer of mascara on top is the finishing flourish to achieve the biggest-eyes-you've-ever-had-in-your-life look.

A Blooming Cheek Colour


Beach stick, £30, Charlotte Tilbury

The idea behind Charlotte Tilbury's beach stick is simple - it makes you look like you spend your time running gracefully along a shore in the sunshine. Who doesn't need that? Miss Worlds, probably, as we imagine they actually do the running bit. You should glide this along the apples of your cheeks and buff with a make up sponge for a natural looking rouge.

A Magic Wand To Hide Imperfections


Light reflecting concealer, £30, Eve Lom

Imperfections are pretty much the antithesis of Miss World comps, so you need a reliable blemish eraser. This Eve Lom stick is brilliant for blotchy bits - it has a liquidy formula that doesn't clog your skin but still gives great coverage.

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