S Club 7’s ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’ Sums Up Everything We Imagine Winter Should Be

Snowstorms, yeti boots and icy blue eyeshadow

S Club 7’s ‘Never Had A Dream Come True’ Sums Up Everything We Imagine Winter Should Be

by Lucy Morris |
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It’s an absolute travesty that the UK in December doesn’t look like the video of S Club 7’s iconic millennium hit, Never Had A Dream Come True. While the mere whiff of S Club is now tainted with singer Jo O’Meara’s unforgettable and very public racist transgressions, Never Had A Dream existed in some perfect paradise before her macroaggressions. It was a time when rudimental CGI skills wouldn’t hold back a video director from letting their creativity flair, when yeti boots hadn’t had YSL’s seal of approval, and 100 layers of lip gloss didn’t require a second thought. For an incurable dose of nostalgia, let's take a second to appreciate these seven moments of the most magnificent winter video of all time….

1. The Yeti Boots

Have you ever wanted fur-coated snow boots so bad? Even though Yves Saint Laurent tried to persuade us that the abominable snowman look was their revelation for next spring, we all know deep, deep down that S Club were the originators.

2. Snow Storm

Is that a bad case of dandruff? No, that’s the very cheapest artificial snow they could find.

3. Ice Ice Cold Lipgloss

Remember the early Noughties when your hair was always stuck to your lips and there were at least two tubes of gloopy, sticky gloss pouring out their glittering contents into the base of your handbag? What a time to be alive.

4. Counting Sheep

As tempting as this winter’s trends are, I’m always scouring charity stores, vintage and Etsy for the coat that’s equal parts Penny Lane and the Sundance crowd. And, lo and behold it’s the S Club crew that found it first!

5. The Enduring Appeal Of The White Turtleneck

Cosy, cool and with more cultural capital than the British Museum, the humble turtleneck sweater is a byword of the genius of Steve Jobs, the swagger of Mick Jagger, the ingenuity of the beatniks and (apparently) the sound of S Club 7.

6. Frosted Highlights

What would an early 2000s band be without their frosted highlights? It wasn’t just the girls that were guilty, this was the era of men dipping tips too!

7. Chainmail for NYE

Rachel’s slinky cowl-neck chainmail top was the liquid metal armour of all 2000 and 2017 party girls

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