In Defence Of Rihanna’s Bump-Baring Crop Tops, Because Women Can Wear Whatever They Want

They feel like two fingers up to sexist criticism.

Rihanna wearing a crop top and fur coat

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Rihanna's pregnancy wardrobe is the gift that keeps on giving. Her latest outfit? A fabulous crop top, a leopard-spotted coat, a pair of baggy jeans (lashed at the hem with ankle-strap sandals) and a trucker hat. Boom!

She's single-handedly redefining the genre of pregnancy dressing - and crop tops appear to be her secret maternity weapon. For her 'reveal' photoshoot with Diggzy, Rihanna wore a vintage coat from Chanel, which was carefully unbuttoned to frame her growing bump, which was in turn draped in jewels. Up next? A criss-crop top that flashed a strip of skin from throat to waist from Jean Paul Gaultier.

Rihanna wearing a crop top and fur coat
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If you think about it, crop tops are probably pretty comfortable when your stomach is steadily expanding. Rihanna might soon have to retire the jeans (or try the trusted hairband trick) but the tiny tees can stay until well into the third trimester.

Of course, some corners of the internet have revealed critics and naysayers, all of whom want to point out that this is not an 'acceptable' way for a pregnant woman to dress. Naturally, there's always going to be the odd troll who emerges but there's something more insidious about these criticisms.

Women are still subjected to a ridiculous level of scrutiny when it comes to their bodies, particularly around the topic of pregnancy. That may present itself in the form of tabloids constantly harassing a young celebrity, speculating as to whether she may or may not be pregnant (see: Jennifer Aniston for the past, er, 20 years? And also: Rihanna, up until she made her own official announcement). It may also then be in reference to what she chooses to wear while pregnant, as in this situation.

Helen George, one of the stars of Call The Midwifetook to Twitter recently to reveal that, since announcing her own pregnancy, she has received unwanted comments about how she may or may not be dealing with that. She wrote: 'I’ve seen too many ridiculous comments about my pregnancy whilst filming @CallTheMidwife1 ( also thank you for the lovely comments!) Women get pregnant, our bodies change. But we have the right to work if we choose to do so. How about just supporting it, and don’t question it?'

There is no right or wrong way for a woman to dress, whether she's pregnant or not. The reason why Rihanna's outfits have felt so joyful recently? They feel like two fingers up to those who think otherwise.


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Never has the naked dress looked so glorious.

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More latex, this time in the form of a peach-coloured minidress from Off-White.

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At Gucci, Rihanna upstaged one and all with a latex-and-lace crop top. Also, could anyone else pull off this chainmail headpiece? No, we didn't think so.

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In a tracksuit from AWAKE, a puffer jacket by Celine, and trainers from a Vans collaboration with her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky,

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Wearing a Martine Rose tracksuit top, Saint Laurent mini skirt and Prada scarf for date night with A$AP Rocky.

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More Celine while out in New York, this time in the form of camo trousers and an orange hoodie, which she paired with heels from Gucci and Balenciaga's Hacker Project.

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An oversized Martine Rose football shirt, Balenciaga parka coat, Miu Miu gloves, Amina Muaddi crystal heels and Saint Laurent earrings make this 'maternity' look all sorts of epic.

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Rihanna's all-leather look consisted of a Prada jacket, The Attico trousers and Celine boots.

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