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Reformation Launches A Stylish And Sustainable New Denim Line

Courtesy Reformation © Courtesy Reformation

LA-based (and Taylor Swift favourite) Reformation is already the go-to label for clothing and accessories that are both sustainable and stylish. Now the brand is launching a sister line called Reformation Jeans, a 46-piece collection of jeans and other basics like t shirts and dresses.

The manufacturing of denim uses vast quantities of water, and water is not something that's in great supply in California. Reformation will tackle this problem by using deadstock and more sustainable fabrics; as a result the amount of water needed (for single pair of jeans) will be reduced to 32 gallons from 1,500 gallons, and the brand will eliminate the use of toxic dyes (jeans are supposed to be one of the least environmentally friendly clothing items to produce).

A new initiative called The Wet Program will aim to clean another thousand gallons of water for every pair of Reformation jeans purchased, starting with California's San Gabriel River - this will be in partnership with BEF and the National Forest Federation.

Reformation's co founder Yael Aflalo says of her reason to tackle jeans: 'We all wear denim. It's one of the mainstays of most of our closets. And we don't expect that to change — so we wanted to tackle it head on. As with all of our clothing at Reformation, the denim line is inspired by vintage looks that celebrate the female form and make our customers feel sexy and confident'. She said 'We were inspired by classic, sophisticated It girls from the 50s, 60s and 70s, as well as supermodels from the 90s' and 'we basically referenced vintage pieces we love. We spent years researching, innovating and searching for our best eco-friendly version of denim possible'.

Guilt free vintage-inspired jeans don't sound half bad to us, and the price points are lower than the label's main line, at from $28. You can pre order now, but the collection won't be available until the 23rd October.

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