How Reformation Fits A Short Curvy Girl

Reformation's celebrity fans all have one thing in common: they are tall, slim and glamorous. So how does the acclaimed eco-friendly brand fit a real girl with curves and a substantial lack of stature?

How Reformation Fits A Short Curvy Girl

by Lucy Morris |
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I love Reformation. Or at least, I thought I did. Whenever I see people like Alexa Chung, Emily Ratajkowski or Taylor Swift wearing the ethical label, I think they look stunning. But, it also occurs to me that these women have one thing in common: they are tall and slender. I, however, am under 5ft 4 and have a few more curves. As I’m currently in New York reporting on Fashion Week I thought I’d take the chance to see if this cult American label is for every woman or just super stars…

1. The Double-Breasted Blazers


Lazer Blazer, £188

The DB is big news for autumn, and I can see why. A structured blazer is extremely flattering and gives every outfit an instant sense of gravitas. Reformation has two shapes, one slightly longer and leaner than the other, but both with the same sense of timelessness. They’d work just as well with jeans and a graphic tee as with a little party dress.

2. The Micro Summer Dress

Audrey Dress, £135

Do I look uncomfortable? I don’t mean to, I’m just not sure I should be trusted wearing this much white. Even if there are no pens, or coffee cups in sight I’m sure I’ll find some way of staining this linen mini dress just by looking at it. That aside, it fits like it has been tailored to me as it has a nifty elasticated back. Overall this would be a smart little summer holiday item if it weren’t for the fact it’s nearly transparent and creases quicker than you can snap your fingers.

3. The Corset Top

Clayton Top, £97

I’ve got to hand it to Reformation, I feel like Emily Ratajkowski. I loved this square-neck corset laced top so much I left the store with it.

4. The LBD

October Black Dress, £165

This is everything a little black dress should be, as in abbreviated but not short on the details. The neckline is ultra-flattering, and the corseted waist draws the eye to create an hourglass silhouette. The fabric is light, but won’t crease easily. In other words, this dress is an all round winner.

If you’ve fallen hard for Reformation but can’t get your hands on it in the UK shop it using

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