A Few Reasons To Love Offbeat New LA E-Store, Shop Super Street

It's like Opening Ceremony, but without the price tag...


by Pandora Sykes |
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Brand spanking new LA e-store Shop Super Street first caught our attention a month ago, before they actually opened via Instagram (like all modern love stories) where they were posting some seriously cool teaser pics. It was clear that this East Coast e-store would have possibly the coolest, most eclectic edit ever - a bit like Opening Ceremony, but with a lot more hanging out in the 'under £50' bracket.

Comprising clothes, interior bits and stationary, Shop Super Street describes their curation as 'concise and sprawling, beautiful and brash, timeless and frivolous, equal parts precious object and lowbrow humour.' In other words - there's something for everyone. Don't believe us? Here's some things we're e-ordering right now:

The reduxed tartan sweater


Looking for a spring-ready take on tartan? After all, tartan can feel a little heavy for high summer. This Equipment Shane Crew Neck Sweater £174 is begging to skim alongside some vintage denims.

A skateboard


Heck, we didn't say you had to use it; think of it as ska-interiors. Celine-style skateboards have been spotted in every ultra cool skate-influenced editorial over the past year. This Stop It Right Now Skateboard (also available in red and blue) is a steal at £51 (it's going to renovate, like, the entire room, ok?) Buy two or the full triumvirate and prop them up side by side in the living room, like friends. So LA.

Notecards that tell someone you fucking love them


Next time your mate has you for dinner and struggles through one of Jamie's Twenty Minute Meals (cursing all the while) why not send him/her one of these Terrapin Stationers I Fucking Love You Unlined Notecards, £11 for 6, to thank her? (They also make notecards with marijuana leaves on them, fyi, and business cards that say 'Fuck Off'. Lol. If only.) A notetette telling your friend that you fucking love them will make him/her forget all about how dodgy that lamb hot pot actually tasted.

A fun-loving pillow case


Look, it's time to chuck out those fake Cath Kidston print Ikea pillows that you've had since your mum packed you off to university, all emotional. God knows what's happened on them in the time that's since elapsed. These Lucia San Miguel Pillow Cases £41 are bright and cute without being too cutesy - more like a joyful bit of Mexicana for your boudoir.

**Pretty painted skulls **


These painted Mexican skulls line LA's Venice Boardwalk and no trip to LA is complete without grabbing a few of these as souvenirs. Previously they've been impossible to get hold of without a holiday to California or Mexico - but Shop Super Street sells Lucia San Miguel Skulls for for a pretty reasonable £24. They look totally ace lining your mantlepiece or strewn artfully across a coffee table book.

Spring break socks


Socks are having a moment - and statement socks don't get much better than these Huf Spring Break Crew Socks, £7. Plus look closely and you can see 'Fuck it' embroidered in bright pink curlicue. Ankles with attitude.

Strappy Alexa-style flats


Bit more of an investment buy, these, but so excellent they're worth it. Flat and pointy and multi-strapped and gold-capped; Jenni Kayne isn't cult US shoe brand for nothing. These Multi Strap Cap Toe Sandals £317 will be your summer saviour for when trainers aren't gonna cut the mustard.

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