What It’s Really Like For A Designer Right Before Her LFW Show

We spoke to Sam McCoach just a few hours before her London Fashion Week presentation. She was feeling a little bit manic. Obvs.

What It's Really Like For A Designer Right Before Her LFW Show

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The day of a designer's London Fashion Week presentation is oh, probably the most stressful day of their lives. This LFW marks the third outing of cult kilt brand Le Kilt with their presentation kicking off LFW on Soho's Greek Street.

ICYMI, Le Kilt, once a traditional kilt makers from Edinburgh's Royal Mile, is the updated (and very cool) brainchild of Royal College of Art graduate Samantha McCoach who took over her grandmothers' business and, once again, brought the kilt back to the youth. The brand is named after the 80's nightclub of the same name that also once resided on Greek Street.


When we manage to pin a slightly frazzled Sam down, just hours before her presentation, she's rushing around backstage overseeing the lookbook shoot that's happening on the same day, 'We've been here since 7 this morning' She says. 'It's because we've got the space and somethimes presentations are great but we want to make the most of it and see all the looks - the presentation will almost be like a family portrait picture'.

Despite all this going on, Sam's in a great mood. 'I'm doing really great good!' She says, mentioning that this is the most prepared she's felt for one of her shows. 'I am 100 times more prepared this time around. Well not 100 but yeah, I am prepared. I think Le Kilt is more of a winter season so it makes a lot more sense'.

So how long has she been planning this collection? 'I suppose since Spirng/Summer really. You think about the next thing straight awfterwards.' So far it all seems to be running smoothly. 'Yeah everything's gone to plan so far, no major disasters, we've got a really amazing team of friends that I've worked with in the past that I've always worked with and I've brought in people... We just have a brilliant team which has helped so much to keep everything running smoothly.'

When I ask her about the venue she's chosen, a traditional rickety old club with vintage furniture and artfully shabby furnishings, she mention's the nightclub that the brand's name plays tribute to. 'Le Kilt used to be on Greek Street - the nightclub. So that's why we're here. It's amazing. It doesn't have any branding, it's really understated. It's quite a nice fit for Le Kilt because the Le Kilt girl should be strong and powerful but in a really understated way.'

The models are due to arrive any second but there's pictures of the girls on the wall for the bustling hair and makeup team to familiarize themselves with. 'I've got a great casting director called Ellie I've worked with from the very beginning.' Says Sam when I ask how she chooses the models. 'The Le Kilt girl is really chic and cool so we just always use those sorts of girls; a little bit playful but with a tough edge too.'

The make-up and hair has been thought out way in advance. 'We started talking months ago and it's just a natural thing - we're like "do you lke this image?" "What do you think of this?" So everything's quite pared back on the eyes this season. The make up artist looked at a lot of Scottish highland landscapes for colour and stuff.'

So, what's the final thing Sam says to the models before the presentation kicks off? 'Be yourself!' She says. 'Because we cast them on their personalities - so, yeah, just be yourself.'

And with that she runs back off to the shoot.

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