Printed Turbans And Socks With Supergas: Why Brandee Brown’s Our New Muse

Because she's young, fun and doesn't give a shit


by Pandora Sykes |
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Filmmaker, photographer, model and muse to American photographer Ryan McGinley - 23-year-old Harlem chick Brandee Brown not only has a deliciously alliterative name, but radical style, too. She's all about the coloured printed turbans - 'my hair just goes 'poof' when a drop of rain lands on it', she says - the camo jacket, grubby Supergas with ankle socks, sometimes sexing it up in a tiny slip dress, or an unbuttoned shirt with a chunky choker. It's an effortless mish mash and authentic without being overwrought.

She's a pretty hard act to follow. But here are some tips from her we're stealing style-wise, for our latest The Debrief Dissects.

Rock the tee dress - not the tea dress


Skate/street brand Supreme are your one-stop for varsity-style tee dresses. A slick of red lipstick and some chunky lace-up sandals with stripey socks smarten up Brandee's usual super casual daywear, but still keep it unique.

A printed dress and ankle boots isn't girly when in monochrome


Black and white summer wear is what's going on with this tea dress, black lace-up boots and a customised black denim jacket. The signature printed turban holds fort; we like this headscarf.

Matchy matchy grungy grungy


This is heaven, this is. A black camisole slip dress, choker and tartan shirt is super 90s, but the matching red Supergas teamed with ankle socks elevates it into a fresh new look.

A maxi dress is best with high tops


A simple sheer maxi dressis kept fun rather than boring with not only the faux suggestive pose (she's super animated, this chick) but the high top Chucks and black tank bra underneath. It's the best way to wear a dress, if we're honest - or lose the bra and just wear a dress and sneaks if you want to keep it super simple.

Fall back on a bomber and beanie


This Pendleton jacket from Opening Ceremony with a basic men's Hanes t-shirt is practicool for running around town. Try a bomber with boyfriend jeans and the ubiquitous socks and sneaks. Brandee isn't trying to please anyone with this and there's something kind of refreshing about an outfit that isn't trying to do anything except hang out. On her.

And definitely, definitely buy a Hawaiian shirt


They're bloody brilliant on girls, hawaiian shirts. Buy the smallest man's one you can find, or quite a few women's labels now carry them - there's always loads of vintage ones, too - and pair them with round glasses and denim cut offs. Of all the looks, you can easily steal and succeed with this one.

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Pictures: Rex, Getty, Ashley Jahncke, Swagger New York

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