The Prettiest Clothes At LCM We’d Definitely Borrow From The Boys

Wearing menswear is no just longer just a matter of doing that 'borrowed from the boys' thing. It's far too pretty for that...

The Prettiest Clothes At LCM We'd Definitely Borrow From The Boys

by Tabi Jackson Gee |

In a strange turn of events, the fashion designers who grew up idolising Ziggy Stardust and the Thin White Duke were unwittingly paying tribute to him in the final few days before his death last week. Metallic boots, cropped bed jackets, pink athleisure… The bright, colourful gender fluid future which David Bowie dreamed up could be seen everywhere at London Collections: Men.

The London menswear scene has exploded in recent years and it’s expected to reach a global value of £325bn by 2019 (Euromonitor, 2015.) And as menswear has grown in popularity, so the distinction between men’s and women’s high fashion has become increasingly blurred.

This is no longer a matter of borrowed-from-the-boys. If, like me, you think some of J W Anderson’s pretty menswear designs would look better on you than your boyfriend, it’s more like ‘borrowed-from-the-girls-then-borrowed-back-again.’ Or something.

Here’s a few of the most stealable looks from the catwalks at London Collections: Men…

Paris Hilton meets Sporty Spice. Meets a polar bear. In a good way.

Provocative designer and fashion industry wunderkind Jonathan William Anderson has long been celebrated for his androgynous aesthetic, and is the only designer to have been awarded the accolade of womenswear and menswear designer of the year by the British Fashion Council.

I’d copy this look for the gold choker and zig-zag hair band alone. Maybe. To a 90s fancy dress party. But I’d wear it for sure. As for the chic faux fur and cropped cream trousers… I swear I saw Paris Hilton wearing that once.

'Grandma, look! That boy's stolen your pyjamas!'

Now it’s not likely that you’ll catch your boyfriend wearing this down the pub any time soon, but who cares, JW’s cropped floral bed jacket is certainly something that would look good in your wardrobe. Picture the scene; you’re dancing round at a sun soaked summer festival wearing this, a crop top and pair of high waisted culottes. Dreamy.

3. Boys look pretty in pink too you know

Thanks to the high street store’s premium creations, persuading your boyfriend to go shopping with you could be about 1% easier now that you can both shop in Topman.

4. Beautiful painted leather jacket, where have you been all my life?

These loose-fitting LJs from Tiger of Sweden would do wonders for any girl’s spring wardrobe. Like JW himself the Stockholm founded fashion house creates menswear and womenswear, so you may even be able to find a similar style in your size… Best worn with a pair of Reebok classics, jeans and a plain white T. Heaven.

5. Hey Xander Zhou, do these come in a size 5?

These distressed silver metallic boots from Xander Zhou are exquisite. The ultimate in day-to-night wear, you could rock these at work, at a party, on a space mission...anywhere your day takes you.

6. Um excuse me, mister, where do you think you’re going with that coat on?

I’m not sure if it’s politically correct to ogle over male models in 2016 but that guy really doesn’t need to wear a jacket. Ever. And it would look much better on me anyway.

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