How To Power Up Your Brand

Victoria Beckham

by Rebecca Lowthorpe |
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Here’s evidence of the rise and rise of the VB marketing machine. Well, if you’ve got the world’s press watching your every move, you might as well wear your own label eyeball-to-toe.

This means:

a) you power-up your outfits and don’t put a stiletto-foot wrong

b) every look needs to say something – colour/print/silhouette

c) it all has to look as effortless as possible because, hey, you’re selling a luxury lifestyle...

1. Polo power

This says: ‘See how super-flattering even my oversized knits can be?’

A few VB rules here: Proportion. Balance. Class. Plus VB’s numero uno skirt rule – make it swoosh.

2. Power suit

Says: ‘Pah, who needs to cocktail in a frock when I can wear the trousers?’

Sleek. Masc-fem.

3. Power (re)print

Says: ‘I’m in the business and I mean business.’

And also, ‘This is how to tie a belt’. Job done.

4. Acid power

Says: 'I'm unpredicatble, but still it works'.

Gloriously unexpected splash of colour meets swooshy skirt. Two VB rules nailed in one.

5. Power match

Says: 'I'm all for matchy-matchy as it flags my amazing accessories.’

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham ©Rex

Black on black? Tick. Volume on top, narrow below? Tick, tick. You need my bag/sunnies/boots? Tick, tick, tick!

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