7 Pokemon That Look Alarmingly Like Celebs

We've gone to the effort of tracking down seven celebrities and their Pokemon dopplegangers...

Pokemon and Celebs

by Debrief Staff |
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Pokemon Go seems to be everywhere at the moment, but the more we track down these cute cartoons, the more they seem familiar to us...

1) Paris Hilton and Fennekin

pokemon 1

Paris has taken some pouting tips from her foxy pal.

  1. Julia Roberts and Vulpix

Bring back ginger perms.

3) Mariah Carey and Jynx

They clearly have the same stylist.

4) Cara Delevigne and Nidoran

Cara's pretty bad-ass, she'd definitely be able to shoot out poison if she were a Pokemon.

5) Amber Rose and Squirtle


6) Beyonce and Chikorita

Both have excellent hair game and a penchant for studded detailing.

7) Miley Cyrus and Slowbro

We reckon Miley's twerking skills would benefit from the addition of a Shellder to her posterior, a la Slowbro.

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