Why A Plus-Size Model Recreated An Iconic Gigi Hadid Shoot

'We are both women with different bodies’

Why A Plus-Size Model Recreated An Iconic Gigi Hadid Shoot

by Lucy Morris |
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Even though magazines in 2017 were the most diverse, they have ever been the battle is still far from being won. One London-based Hungarian-born model, Diana Siroki, 21, is using her own ‘plus-size’ body to incite change.

Pointing a finger at preconceived ideas of beauty fostered by fashion marketers and advertising, Siroki recreated an iconic image of Gigi Hadid where she posed naked in a pair of silken sock boots for a Stuart Weitzman campaign. She captioned the photograph, which was taken by her collaborator Karizza, 'I was just wondering how a Model My Size would look on this'.

‘Some have skinny shamed her, and some have fat shamed me, but I made it clear to them in my comments that I think we are both beautiful and it's not a competition,’ Diana told Metro.

Mirroring the Californian model’s pose wasn’t Siroki’s first experience at refashioning a known-image of a celebrated beauty. Previously, she posed like Kim Kardashian for a side-by-side image of the two of them both in white swimsuits. That time, she wrote ‘we are both women with different bodies’ and received over 35,000 Likes for the image.

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