How To Do A Plunging V When You’ve Got Big Boobs

Because Valentino says they're back - and there's no reason why a busty lady shouldn't be allowed in on the action (just ask Kim)


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It's time to channel your inner J.Lo at The Grammys, because Valentino's just put the deep-V back into the fashion alphabet. The Milanese brand's last two haute couture collections feature necklines which plummet to your belly button. including SS14's translucent ballgowns with uber-low bodices and the standout piece from their AW14 show, which was a black boxy midi with a sheer panel across the sternum.

Of course, the models that hit the runway for Valentino were totally flat-chested. But as a bigger-boobed gal myself (32E, holla!) I promise you can wear a plunging neckline even if you are a bodacious babe. AND you can do it without looking like you're heading to the 2001 Soap Awards. Here's how:

1. Stick that dress down

Stylist Sara Sensoy has worked on music videos for the likes of Foxes and Scissor Sisters so knows how to keep a frock in place during even the most vigorous dance routine. She always carries super strong Toupee tape and Staysput roll-on body glue in her kit. She tapes the edges and straps of garments to stop them gaping and uses the glue wherever extra sticking power's needed.

'Body glue is a miracle worker,' says Sara. 'Gymnasts and dancers use it. It holds everything together while not losing flexibility. It comes off garments quickly with water or you can use wet wipes.' Don't despair if you are without the specialist stuff in a boob-flash emergency - Marie, 26, says she's used Duct Tape before. Just make sure you take it off with baby oil to avoid unintended S&M fun.

2. Invest in hi-tech undies

Want gravity defying ta-tas? The Wonderbra Ultimate Deep Plunge Bra gives that Kim Kardashian round-and-high look. The wide back strap is surprisingly supportive, even when you're doing jumping jacks in a John Lewis changing room (not that I did that). Plus, it scoops down to the bottom of your rib cage at the front meaning it'll be hidden by most low-cut numbers. For more natural-looking karoomph, try M&S's Body Solutions Low Front Longline Multiway. (It only goes up to a DD though, which is annoying.)

Still can't find a bra that sits low enough? Triumph Sales Assistant Iesha Hill explains you can make your own plunge underwear using a front-fastening bra. She says: 'You can use a converter - meant for making the back of your bra lower - on the front to make it sit lower on your chest. Just unfasten and clip it on.'

**3. Give yourself an instant boob-lift **

If you're about to don the most scooping of scooped necklines but still want a bit of lift, try taping yourself up. Sara recommends using a pair of shaped foam cups from John Lewis (or from an old underwear set). Tape them over your boobs to create a shape similar to a bra.

'To create the lift you desire hold your breasts up as you tape,' she says. 'Leaning forward and taking a full grab can help too. Start the tape low on breast and pull upwards to create lift.'

4. Pick your dress wisely

Avoid MK One prom dress vibes by following Valentino's lead with a colour palette of greys, whites and blacks. Opt for luxe fabrics like leathers, chiffons and silks and avoid wild patterns. Sara also explains that picking a dress with sleeves can balance out an ultra-low neckline for a more elegant look.

'Your face shape is quite important when deciding on what type of plunge you want to do,' says Sara. 'If your face is round go for a scoop neck rather than a V. A narrow V will make the torso look slimmer where as a wide V will not be to the advantage of bigger boobs. If you want to do a wide V you can narrow it down or close with a mesh panel.'

5. Customise

Adding a mesh panel to your dress can not only slim your torso, it can also offer more support and decrease nip-slip risk. If your dress is form-fitting you can sew in a panel quite easily. Opt for a fabric that's the same shade as your dress and if you're not a pro with a sewing machine, stitch it to the seams running down the side of your frock to avoid ruining the neckline.

For the same effect - no sewing needed - buy a sheer leotard (there are loads of styles and colours of sheer leotards at American Apparel) and wear underneath the gown. Marie (of Duct Tape tip fame) explains: 'I choose the tightest leotards I can! I push my boobs up, put the leotard on and then let go as quickly as possible.'

6. If all else fails, just think 'what would Rihanna do'...

So, you've followed tips 1-5 and you're still not sure if you're going to a) fall out b) have the perky pair of your dreams? Fuck it. If you love the dress, wear it. The natural shape of your boobs is sexy as hell and a nipple slip isn't the end of the world.

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