6 Ways Real Girls Are Making SS18’s Most Out-There Trend Work IRL

Is it plastic fantastic or just plain sweatsville?

6 Ways Real Girls Are Making SS18’s Most Out-There Trend Work IRL

by Lucy Morris |
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If you told me last year a ziplock bag would be the height of chic I would have laughed. To be honest, still might. But, after Loewe, Christopher Kane, Chanel, Vetements and Acne introduced polyurethane AKA plastic into their textile vocabulary I suddenly find myself looking at cling film in a new light. After all, isn’t it the definition of luxury to reinvent the banal as covetable? At the very least it’s ideal for spring showers…

1. Keep Your Tartans In Check

As harbingers of the heritage fashion movement, it’s only natural for Burberry to go back to its roots and delve into its storied tartan archives. Although their plaid has spent time in the wilderness - after being unfairly dismissed as ‘chavy’ - it’s back in a big way this season. So, it seems only natural to double dose on trends and tailor it into a wipe-clean high-shine plastic mac. Two for the price of one, eh?!

2. Mac Daddy

This ASOS trench is a nice interaction to this (literally) slippery trend. For one, it uses a classic silhouette, which should take a little fear out of the concept. And, secondly, it’s rain-repellent, which means it’s practical too.

3. Bag It Up

Since Helmut Lang’s latest reinvention, the label has found cult fame with its plastic perspex bags. It’s or the woman who doesn’t mind everyone seeing that her bag is full of tampons, old lipsticks and sweet wrappers. Wait, is that just me?

4. Nothing To Hide

While a lot happened in 2017 - North Korea stockpiling nuclear warheads, Trump taking to office, the #metoo movement - it’s difficult not to think of it as the year Topshop gave us plastic jeans. Ridiculous as they sounded at the time, now we’ve seen how you can wear them IRL (with Converse and matching briefs and a t-shirt) we’re actually coming round.

5. Get Trashed

As Mable said about her Matrix look: ‘Dressed like a bin bag but never looking trash’. Sass.

6. Rose Gold

Layer up is the message here. Maximize the transparent potency of plastic by focusing in on what’s happening under the layers.

This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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