9 Perfect Pairs Of Resin Earrings To Wear Everywhere

PSA: Plastic is fantastic

Resin Earrings

by Lucy Morris |
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After years of collecting teeny tiny gold and brass jewellery that tangles with just a glance, the fickle fashion set has moved on. And, the new gravity-defying variety comes with Pat Butcher’s seal of approval.

Rather than converting dainty necklaces and pensive earrings, it’s fantastically kitschy plastic pieces that are making our hearts race that little bit faster. Enormous moulded resin and glinting acrylic chunks have taken the place of fine jewellery on the runways and now our wardrobe is keen to follow suit. There’s no limit with these head-turners as the more awkward the colour combinations or the larger they are the more we want them. Expect these conversation-starters to make you popular this season.


Debrief Resin Earrings Fashion Accessory

Resin Earrings Fashion Accessory1 of 9

Zara, Teardrop Earrings, £12.99

Resin Earrings Fashion Accessory2 of 9

Cult Gaia, Geneva Resin Hoop Earrings, £80, Net-A-Porter

Resin Earrings Fashion Accessory3 of 9

Topshop, Plastic Curve Drop Earrings, £12.50

Resin Earrings Fashion Accessory4 of 9

ASOS Design, Resin And Abstract Metal Drop Earrings, £12

Resin Earrings Fashion Accessory5 of 9

Acne, Rilke Acid Yellow/Turquoise Earring, £170

Resin Earrings Fashion Accessory6 of 9

Uterque, Maxi Strawberry Earring, £49

Resin Earrings Fashion Accessory7 of 9

Mango, Mixed Pieces Earrings, £12.99

Resin Earrings Fashion Accessory8 of 9

All Things Mochi, Zoe Earrings, £49.82, Shopbop

Resin Earrings Fashion Accessory9 of 9

Monki, Plastic Hoop Earrings, £5

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