Pinterest’s New Feature Just Made Online Shopping A Whole Lot Easier


by Elizabeth Bennett |
Published on

Whether you use it to plan outfits, interiors or your next baking extravaganza, Pinterest is a limitless source of inspiration. One minute you're just casually pinning, and the next thing you know, you’ve lost an hour down a black hole of boards.

While curating ideas on Pinterest is effortless, recreating those ideas yourself is not. Until now.

This week Pinterest have introduced a new feature called ‘Shop the Look’ which lets users click on individual items within photos, and buy them. Pretty genius.

Until recently, Pinterest only offered ‘Buyable Pins’ which meant only one item in the image you’d pinned was shoppable.

Even better, the new ‘Shop the Look’ feature will also suggest similar items available if the piece you've got your heart set on isn't for sale.

Alongside this snazzy new feature, Pinterest have also introduced another function that will make the shopping experience more straightforward.

‘Lens’, will allow you to upload an image of something you’ve seen (whether that’s a jacket spotted on a friend or sofa you’ve lusted after in a hotel), and Pinterest will find you that item, or as similar as it can based on your image. A little like Google’s reverse image search, this clever new tool makes tracking down your dream purchases that little bit easier.

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