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Fairtrade fashion is the answer to your summer clothing needs

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What's that? A break in the clouds? A shimmer of sunshine? A temperature at which the hair on your infrequently shaven legs won't stand on edge and shiver in the early morning frost? Holy shit, it must be spring. Good job guys, we made it. Now it's time to update your wardrobe accordingly.

When conversation around sustainable, ethical, 'good for the planet, good for your conscience', fashion comes up, I get a bit nervous. Like many of us, I know enough about the brands we flippantly purchase from time-to-time to feel guilty about their dirt-cheap unethical, unsustainable, bad-for-the-planet production; especially over summer when we typically order the whole of an online retailer two days before we go away on holiday. But I'm not very good at pointing out where to look instead. That was until our brilliant Fashion and Beauty Editor pointed me in the direction of People Tree.

They're not new. They're 26 years old, in fact. All of their products are ethically and environmentally sustainably made and yes, they look and feel good too. I tried some of their new summer collection on to show you how it all looks IRL and that wholesome vibe definitely carries through.


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1. Your Take Me Anywhere Trousers

People Tree, Mina Breton Top In Red And Cobalt, £45; People Tree, Eve Trousers, £85Most trousers are hard. Most trousers are deceptive and fit in one place but not the others. Most trousers, I don't trust. But these trousers? These guys are good. You know why? Because these trousers buttoned-up at the actual waist (not the 'whip'... the awkward bit between the waist and the hip), didn't dissolve my bum and covered my 33.5 inch legs. I like these trousers. And they would look just as good with a trendy little mule.

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2. Utility Upgrade

People Tree, Bernice Shirt Dress, £109People If ever there was a time for a shirt dress it's now. The weather's perking up a bit (trying not to jinx it, honest) and it's probably one of the easiest items in your wardrobe arsenal. Prepared for anything is the vibe, and if you're looking for a weightier shirt dress that'll last the entire season and solve those summer office dress dilemmas here it is.

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3. The Mum In The Garden

People Tree, Mina Breton Top In Red And Cobalt, £45; People Tree, Brooke Dungaree, £109All hail the humble dungarees. Comfort is always key and I'm obviously a big fan of this loose and forgiving waistline - ideal for Sunday roasts (and that extra pint).

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4. All The Flounce And Frill

People Tree, Anna Dress, £135It's the epitome of light and airy, right? You can't go a summer without an emergency maxi dress for those 'denim shorts are not appropriate' days. The contrasting prints are cute and the three-quarter sleeves leave room for movement.

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5. You Can Introduce Me To Your Family Now

People Tree, Keiko Dress, £119Sweet and sensible, right this way. I like to think of this super flattering dress as the 'feel free to introduce me to your family and I'll convince them that I'm not an absolute idiot' dress. It's made from cotton and doesn't feel remotely restrictive. Also the neckline is very grown up so you could easily sneak this into your 9-to-5 wardrobe.

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6. Is It Denim, Is It Not?

People Tree, Pia Dress, £95 Nope it's not denim but on camera, it could be right? It's a super chill 'throw on and go' dress that'll save you precious summer minutes. The floral neckline and wide sleeves make it more than just 'another' shift dress and it'll be light enough to slip into your suitcase for that scorching hot holiday you have planned too.

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