Patchwork Is A Thing. Now Let These Instagram Girls Show You How To Style It

It's all about patchy-patchy


by Charlie Byrne |

Make do and mend is alive and well - get your best Martha Stewart thinking cap on as to how you can update your wardrobe with a bit of patchwork. Whether you pick leather, suede, multi colours or just different shades of denim, it's all about patching for spring. Dig out your scissors people.

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Not convinced? Let these cool girls show you how patchwork is far from your childhood memories of cushions and rag dolls.

Match Your Patches To Your Scarf


It's so cool that this girl has matched her tartan patches to her scarf - it makes her dressed down, wrapped up look seem so much better pulled together. And she's like the warmest person ever without compromising on style. This is how you do it guys.

Rock A Patchwork Mini


Ok so patchwork minis are a regular at 70s fancy dress parties, but as long as you veer away from other cliched items (no fair isle sweaters and platform shoes, please) they can look awesome. A suede version looks great when worn with a really minimal roll neck, or even just a plain white T shirt when it gets a bit warmer. You can wear one now over thick tights, and fall over in fields in it when festivals rock around.

Think Outside The Box


Patchwork doesn't have to mean perfect squares - the oblong shape on these jeans feels like a more modern take. If you're patching your own pair, experiment with different shapes - honeycomb tile shapes would look equally fresh.

Give Patchwork Leather A Go


You think of patchwork and automatically your gran's floral cushions come to mind. But check out this leather jacket, made impossibly cooler by the scooter helmet and chunky lace up shoes. If you're not so keen on the multi-coloured effect, an all black version would still be more interesting than a plain single panelled jacket.

Patch Up Your Old Jeans


Patchwork doesn't have to be taken literally - think about adding patches to your plain jeans - if you're unsure how, follow our vid that will explain it to you step by step. Anya Hindmarch's patches are the coolest fashiony versions right now, but you can check out what your local haberdashery has if they're out of your price range.

Do Double Denim With Patchwork


Double denim is made so much more exciting here thanks to the patchy sleeves. Worth nothing that the white shirt and white shoes help keep the outfit unfussy - a more minimal bag might also look even better.

Denim skirt, £68, Love Moschino, denim jacket, £65,, patchwork jeans, £130, Karen Millen, check shirt, £32, Topshop, short sleeve blouse, £229.09, Fernanda Yamamoto at

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