IMHO Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen’s Passport to Paris Is Deeply Underrated

18 years later and still jealous of their lives


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It was only after re-watching Passport to Paris that I noticed just what a truly special piece of cinema it is. Like most 20-somethings my age, I grew up on a diet of Sabrina The Teenage Witch and straight-to-VHS films starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, but I didn’t realise until now how much impact they had on my generation.

Though the Olsen’s have gone on to find legitimacy within the fashion community through their lines The Row and Elisabeth James, their sartorial journey begins way back when and, Passport to Paris is proof of that. In this work of art, they take on more '90s trends than Bella Hadid and show an inspiring ability to be Instagrammable at all times years before the platform even existed.

1. They Know How To Accessorize


The film features MK and Ashley as 13-year-old twins Mellanie and Alysson Porter who are sent off to Paris to get culture but instead end of finding the romance, a supermodel and unadulterated high jinks. They do this while wearing accessories Bella Hadid would be jealous of, like micro sunglasses, chokers and crystal hair slides.

2. They Dress To Be Street Style Snapped

Even an amateur at fashion week knows that to stand out from the crowd, you should coordinate with your best friend (or in this case sister). Seemingly well versed in this art form, they’re wearing complimentary spaghetti strap tops and similar, but not the same, hairstyles. Think complimentary, not copycat. Personality, but a peer pressure pawn.

3. Hair On Point

Cut it out, take it to the hairdressers because of this balayage goals.

4. Do You Remember Crossbody Rucksacks?

There was a time in the late ‘90s when you couldn’t move in a school corridor without getting whacked by the backswing of a single strap rucksack. I blame Sporty Spice for the sales spike in this cross body trend, but to give credit where credit’s due this leather jacket ensemble with matching spaghettis strap tops and backpacks could relaunch it right now.

5. Girlbossing It

What you see here is two tweens mastering agile working while washing dishes. What could be more fashuunn than Girlbossing it before Sophia Amoruso even coined the phrase?

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