The One Item All PFW Girls Rely On When It’s Raining

Right now, Paris Fashion Week is an education in how to wear a trench the 2017 way

The One Item All PFW Girls Rely On When It’s Raining

by Lucy Morris |
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There are two things that are a mainstay of this fashion month’s street style: puffer jackets and Gucci accessories. We won’t pass judgement as there’s something architectural and alluring about those ample down coats, and, well, Gucci is Gucci. But, Paris Fashion Week, which started last Tuesday, has reminded us that there is more to outerwear than quilted toppers. Namely, the trench. Humble in origin, but high in impact, the trench is fast becoming PFW showgoer’s most trusted rainy-day companion. It swishes nicely for the lurking photographers, is subtle enough to stop them looking try-hard and it’s actually deftly practical. While they've all styled their coats differently, they've all got one aspect in common: the coat is nothing special. It looks like the type of trench you'd pick up in the men's section of Marks & Sparks. It's humdrum homeliness is the very thing that means it can be styled to the nines. Want to know how? Scroll on.

1. Choose A Colour Palette And Run With It

Demote leopard print to the second most important part of your outfit with a sympathetic hued trench, like Sabrina Meijer has. Those snakeskin Vetements leopard print boots also help.


2. Be Indecisive And Wear Tailored Trousers With A Hoodie

Natasha Goldenberg just signed, sealed and delivered the perfect outfit for this season. It ticks all the right boxes: tailored dropped hem trousers, a luxe hoodie with bowed acid-washed ties and a crumpled trench coat. We applaud you, Natasha.

3. Look Beyond The Colour

It’s not just the bright, white, refreshing colour of this trench and ribbed jumper, but the unexpected flash of tartan. This Paris Fashion Week attendee kept things simple and discrete down below with raw-hem jeans and black boots.

4. Prove Beige Isn’t Boring

You’ll never say neutrals are lacklustre after looking at the pro-layering skills of this guest at the Maison Margiela show. The mannish silhouette and hint of a cross body bag hiding beneath her Acne snakeskin coat hit the right androgynous high notes.

5. Find Someone To Clash With

What’s better than balancing out the neutrality of tan with a zing of Fanta orange? One thing, and one thing alone: a friend wearing a contrasting primary-coloured trench. These two ladies heading to the Dries Van Noten show on Wednesday mush have pre-planned their outfits, otherwise how else could the clash of their colours work so harmoniously together?

6. Wear All The Tartans At Once

We call this look ‘check mate’ because it corners all the best trends in one outfit. There’s the D-buckle, crossover skirt, the dangerously high slit, the mash-up of tartan, the slouchy knee high boots and, of course, the dad-size trench coat.

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