5 New Ways To Wear What You Already Own (So You Don’t Have To Resort To Online Shopping)

Breathe new life into your tired old togs


by Lucy Morris |

What’s most exciting about Paris Fashion Week? The shows, definitely. But, for anyone priced out of this extravagant gathering the street style should capture your attention. For, the most inspiring attendees rarely don’t need showpieces to stand out, nor flashy labels, as they have the sartorial wherewithal to make an everyday item found in most of our closets seem extraordinary. Case in point, how these five women style these five run-of-the-mill pieces…

1. The Denim Skirt

This styling trick is so simple it barely needs wording: pull up your pants. Like, proper hike them up. Wedge-y yourself in the name of fashion. Patricia Manfield gives her basic denim skirt a fresh spin with the addition of the visible knicker line. Sure, we can’t all afford Dior knickers, but this ‘90s twist will work just as well with a pair with a plain band.

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2. The Jumpsuit

Bought a jumpsuit, worn it twice? Guilty! The utilitarian appeal of a one-piece is undeniable, but once you’ve aired it enough times that you’ve grown bored, it can be a tricky piece to revamp. However, as Maria Bernad shows adding an extra layer - in her case a t-shirt can be the makings of a new look. If yours doesn’t unbutton, consider adding a netted undertook or a polo neck. Just be warned, this can get warm so save it for the chilliest of climes.

3. The Mini Skirt

Everyone - only a little exaggeration - at Paris Fashion Week has thrown out their ankle boots and invested in thigh-highs. With long-hems sweeping the runways the only way to stay on beat when you’re wearing a mini is to show as little skin as possible. Enter the OTK boots. Hopefully, you didn't throw yours out last time they were ‘in’.

4. The Suit

During Hilary Clinton’s campaign suit sales skyrocketed, but a year on and the trend has fizzled. Rejuvenate last year’s purchase with a little bit of harmless nudity. Add a striking bikini top a la Phoebe Lovatt and brave the eye-balls for a winning example of executive realness.

5. The Blazer

Everyone knows jeans and a t-shirt go better with a double-breasted blazer than a buttoned-up shirt. But, have you thought of adding a beaded bag? Toeing the line between old lady with lots of cats chic and childhood dress-up, a kitsch bag is the unexpected accessory your blazer was asking for. Find yours for less than a quid at any car boot.

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