The 10 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow For Paris Fashion Week

Oh La La! It's Time To Chic Up Your Insta-Feed For Paris Fashion Week


by Anna Dewhurst |
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Ooh lala! As the final week of fashion month hits the French capital, it’s time to inject some serious chic into your Insta-feed. From experimental street-style favourite, Miroslava Duma, to uber-photographer, Mario Testino, we have collated the 10 most important people to follow on Instagram during PFW SS16. What are you waiting for? Go and get following. C’est magnifique!

  1. The Veteran Photographer: Mario Testino

Peruvian born Testino is not only the world’s most famous fashion photographer, but also counts Kate Moss as one of his best friends and has even become fashion royalty himself. His iconic high-gloss shots have made him the a-list’s favourite go-to for portraits (see Lady Diana in Vanity Fair and Kate Moss’ wedding) and this means we get treated to off-duty snaps of the cream of the a-list. If you love glamour then hit follow immediately.

  1. The Street-style Darling: Miroslava Duma

Russian born Miroslava Duma is possibly the hardest working street-style star of fashion month. The pocket-sized writer regularly keeps us guessing as to what her next look will be. And we are talking a gazillion looks per day. Even when in the late stages of pregnancy, Miroslava didn’t disappoint: casual is just not something she subscribes to. Call it a lifestyle choice.

  1. The Fashion House: Chanel

When you think of Paris Fashion Week, we bet Chanel follows shortly behind. And to quote Coco Chanel: ‘The best things in life are free. The second best things are very, very expensive’. So look no further than the fabulous Chanel Instagram feed. We especially love their casual(ish) snaps of their a-list models lounging about before walking the shows.

  1. The Insta-inspo: Carin Olsson / Paris In Four Months

This super-talented Swede photographer moved to Paris for 4 months back in 2012 and never went home. Her ridiculously whimsical shots of Paris make us feel like we are living part of her dream. If only we could stay there. She’s one lucky girl.

  1. The Fashion Illustrator: Laura Kay / diarysketcheslk

We love Laura Kay’s live fashion sketches from the shows. And even more, we love that if you tag her in a pic of your fashion week look then you could be in with a chance of her sketching you. This super talented illustrator describes her quirky sketches as that ‘little unexpected something, like a formal wedding invite with funky pink cheeks’ and peppers her pretty sketches with flowers, pantone charts and pencils. J’adore.

  1. The Supermodel: Jourdan Dunn

If you’re feeling a chic-overdose coming on at ultra traditional Paris Fashion Week, then look no further than cheeky Londoner, Jourdan to spice things up. The in-demand Super treads a fine line between other-worldliness and a down-to earth-girl you very well might be friends with. Get involved.

  1. The Actress: Kate Bosworth

Super-stylish Kate gives Insta-selfies to die for. Much like Olivia Palermo, Ms Bosworth is preened to actual perfection. They may not have an ounce of #casual about them, but we can’t get enough of the ultra-glossiness. We expect to be treated to many a look at Paris fashion week, which surely is the fashionista’s spiritual home, sartorially speaking.

  1. The Brit - Lily Allen

We love the juxtaposition of Lily Allen on the FROW at demure Paris fashion week. On paper it just doesn’t quite work, but in real life it’s somehow fitting and Lils provides the perfect antidote to the seriousness around traditional Paris. Expect to see lots of champagne and lots of lols with Karl Lagerfeld.

  1. The Journalist: Stephanie LaCava

Be prepared to get some serious life-envy going on. New York born Ms LaCava is somehow exactly the woman we wish we were. She’s a super clever wordsmith who is also gifted with being visual and able to take a mean picture. And on top of this she is ridiculously gorgeous and has the cutest kid on the planet (bar North West). She makes us sick with envy but at the same time we are dying to see her take on fashion week. We suggest you follow her immediately.

  1. Kevin Tachman

We love this award-winning documentary photographer’s dramatic, high glamour Insta-feed. His captivating style makes you feel like you are there, partying alongside the A-list, but without the hideous hangovers. Which is all we really ask for.

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