Panicked About Your Xmas Party Outfit? Let These High Street Insider Cool Girls Show You What They’re Wearing To Theirs

We caught up with the stylists and designers behind ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Topshop and River Island to get their tips on office party dressing Photographed by Marco Vittur


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With most of us fleeing work on Friday for the Christmas break, that means one very important thing - this week is office party time. Now The Debrief team tend to get over excited about things like parties, so we did ours last week, complete with tiaras, cocktails and a fistful of sequins. But if you're yet to decide what to wear to yours, fear not, I've spoken to the girls you should be taking advice from.

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Check out what the personal stylists behind River Island, Asos, Topshop and Urban Outfitters will be wearing to their super stylish celebrations, and read their top tips on Xmas party dressing.

Alva McKensie, Personal Stylist At Topshop


Alva McKensie is pretty much a guru when it comes to party dressing, working on the personal styling team in the fashion Mecca that is Topshop's flagship store. For her own party look, she's all about the mash-up of textures. We have big love for her over the knee boots combo with this lace bralet from good old Toppers.

  • 'The sequinned look is thrust upon us by the media, but you don't have to choose a full glitter look, you can pair sequins with knitwear, or fringing and sheepskin,' she explains. 'Lots of textures are overlooked in the wake of sequins, but mixing it up will make your outfit different to everyone else's, and more premium looking.'

  • 'I try to encourage people to buy party dressing outfits they can wear again afterwards, like a gold blazer that you can wear with skinny jeans and some ankle boots that look a bit Kate Moss,' says Alva. 'Separates are generally easier to introduce into your normal wardrobe and wear again, too.'


Verity Pemberton, Womenswear Designer At Urban Outfitters


Designer and stylist Verity Pemberton is pretty stoked about the Urban Outfitters Xmas party. 'There's usually a fair amount of carnage to be honest, and this year about 300 of us are going to The Ace Hotel,' she tells us. 'Although it is on Monday...' We feel Verity's pain (ours was on a Tuesday) but love her alternative vibe for Xmas party dressing, especially her grapefruit T shirt.

  • 'It's fine to not wear stilettos and mini-dresses, you can just wear what you've worn to work but add some heels, or mix something vintage in,' says Verity.

  • If you don't wear a lot of sequins or gravitate towards the cliched glittery party look, then you can always try a bit of glitter make up,' she says. 'We had some pots of glitter recently that the Urban team got quite excited about!'


Freddie Tietcheu, Personal Stylist At Asos


We heart Asos stylist Freddie's party outfit, and love the simplicity of her sleek black jumpsuit paired with a retro inspired hard case clutch. 'Everyone is super excited about the Asos Christmas party, so the styling team have already started thinking about what they're going to wear,' she tells me. 'We're having it at The Ministry of Sound, with about 1000 people coming.'

  • 'This year I'm definitely going to wear a jumpsuit or trousers because I don't want to wear a dress - it's less likely someone will be wearing the same thing as you if you go for trousers,' she advises. 'You can always add one of the fun novelty bags that are huge this season to make your look more playful.'

  • 'My colleagues call me #savvyfreddie because I'm good at re-working pieces. If you buy a party dress, you should tone it down with New Balance and a slouchy jumper so that you can wear it again for work.'


Danielle Ward, Personal Stylist At River Island


'The River Island party theme is Sex And The City crossed with The Devil Wears Prada, so we can wear something super chic or do it Carrie style,' stylist Danielle Ward tells me. 'It's also being held in Stella McCartney's showspace, which should be pretty cool.' We reckon Danielle's choice of co-ord blazer and trousers should hit the right spot for a great Miranda Priestly vibe.

  • 'Tight mini-dresses and bodycon are so normal at Christmas, but a good tip is to think about where the emphasis is on your outfit, so if you are nervous about your stomach, play up a different area and draw the eye's attention away,' advises Danielle.

  • 'The trick is to go shopping early,' she says. 'If you shop in the party section just before Christmas then you're bound to end up wearing the same as someone else, so when you find something earlier in the year and you think you don't have anywhere to wear it to, remember that you do! Save it up!'


Photography: Marco Vittur

Art Direction: Anna Jay

Make up: Tamara Ramsey-Crockett for Bobbi Brown

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